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    The php-js-webedit editor is a tool for editing and building HTML pages (relatively complex) from a browser. It allows you to edit the HTML code in a textarea field, and includes a variety of JavaScript functions to assist you for creating links, tables, lists, inserting images, etc.Once you are finished you can easily submit the content to a CGI and ...
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    Functions of SecurityAdmin for PHP:- manage user accounts and access rights; - add, edit, or delete users;- change access and connection rights; - create and manage profiles to allow an efficient method of creating multiple users with similar access rights.
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    Cgiapp.class.php is a port of CGI::Application to PHP.
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    PhpWebmin - Webmin clone in PHP5 is a Webmin clone written entirely in PHP (including the server/modules). Currently supports only special php modules but CGI (FastCGI) support will added some day. Configure your server with this 'tool'. Looking for people to work on modules and the server.
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    Oocommon php engine is a free PHP search engine project. Flexible Object Oriented PHP Engine with database support, sessions, sessions-based messanging and instant messanging, ftp, pop3, smtp, filesystem wrapper, output-buffering, and a growing number of features.
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    Got an online community with its own language, want to create a dictionary for someone then this is for you.It is a piece of cake to set up and comes complete with a members area, an admin area and automatically cross-references with the help of The Easy Dictionary Maker.
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    Caleb's Code is my playground for open source development.
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    JgLib is a collection of objects and scripts that includes tables, input objects, templates, and nearly all html tags, menu bars, side menus and progress bars.
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