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  1. Zen Cart
    2470 total visits
    Zen Cart truly is the art of e-commerce; free, user-friendly, open source shopping cart software. The ecommerce web site design program is being developed by a group of like-minded shop owners, programmers, designers, and consultants that think ecommerce web design could be and should be done differently. Features of Zen Cart:Easy Installation:- checks the database and server for requirements before ...
  2. No Screenshot
    1868 total visits
    Commerce:SEO is an Open Source PHP Shopping cart System based on xt:Commerce. We have redesign the tables to CSS Design and many other bugs. This download is free for non commercial use.
  3. No Screenshot
    2119 total visits
    The Supacart shopping cart system is an ecommerce solution for use with the Mambo CMS.
  4. No Screenshot
    1787 total visits
    Battle Cart is an order management system written in PHP, intended to replace cumbersome shopping cart programs with a simple single-screen interface for optimal user experience.
  5. ZenMagick
    1620 total visits
    ZenMagick is an addition to zen-cart, one of the major Open Source e-Commerce application. ZenMagick provides access to zen-cart features via an object oriented API. It also contains an alternative theme system which offers better separation of code and HTML.Features of ZenMagick:- Unlimited Products/Categories- Multi Currency- Multi Language- Clean, uncluttered admin- Custom product types- Built-in Ajax support- Open Source- Flexible ...
  6. VibrantOS
    2274 total visits
    VibrantOS is an open source CMS for building up your own live shop (one deal a day), developed by Daniel Dinter. It is completely stand-alone, non-commercial and free of advertisement. Currently, vibrantOS is bilingual due to that it is German based.
  7. No Screenshot
    2020 total visits
    Whether your a wholesale distributor or just selling hundreds/thousands of different products, save hundreds monthly or compliment your catalog ordering system.Spreadsheets add/update products, and the help system and failsafes guide you and employees.
  8. Your online shop
    2026 total visits
    Your online shop maintains the code of a small business porpoise online shop. It has an ajax shopping cart and uses ajax for every request. It is compatible with the very popular oscommerce software and database. SEO implemented.Features of Your online shop:- ajax shopping cart- ajax for any requests- oscommerce compatible- multi-language- multi-site
  9. FreePHPShoppingCartSoftware
    2292 total visits
    FreePHPShoppingCartSoftware is free shopping cart software powered by PHP scripting and a MySQL database.The software is released under the GPL license. The software is feature loaded, very easy to install, simple to customize, and a breeze to use!Features of FreePHPShoppingCartSoftware:- PHP scripting language (PHP 4.0 and up compatible)- MySQL database backend (MySQL 4.0 and up compatible)- Unlimited products and categories- ...
  10. No Screenshot
    2444 total visits
    Asaancart is simple online shopping cart solution especially developed for small and medium businesses. It is easy to install, PHP MySQL, smarty templates based shopping cart system that enables you create an online shop quickly. Main Features of Simple PHP Shopping cart - asaancart:- Open Source- Unlimited Categories- Unlimited Products- Unlimited Manufacturers / Brands- Product-based and Variant-based Inventory Control- Templatable- ...
  11. OpenImageShop - yet another webshop
    2016 total visits
    OpenImageShop - yet another webshop is a LAMP-based webshop software collection which enables a user-dependent shop content.It is currently a shop-frontend for photographers who provide their customer's pictures for sale, but only where every customer can see and buy pictures made from/for himself. This enables a user/profile related shop content.
  12. No Screenshot
    1884 total visits
    PHP application to manage a tailor shop. Starting with a fork from the current OpenPOS version there are to be developed parts to manage orders, clients and advance payments.The current version is available with support for English and German.
  13. Plici
    1610 total visits
    Plici, powerful and extensible solution to manage all your e-commerce website with a single application. PLICI uses the PHP language and the management system MySQL database.Features of Plici:- Shops and multi-platform: PLICI creates different sites from one site: multiple sites and can offer the same products on different marketing areas.- Use of zoning: Our tool allows you to view, through ...
  14. Modern Merchant
    2417 total visits
    Modern Merchant is a smart and simple e-commerce application that turns websites into web storefronts. It includes a shopping cart, product catalog and management interface.Features of Modern Merchant:- Easy-to-use Web Installer- Upgrade-friendly Upgrading is as easy as overwriting the old version, and running the Web Installer.- Plug-In System Modern Merchant comes with 31 plugins pre-installed. New plugins can be installed ...
  15. OpenC2C
    1721 total visits
    OpenC2C is a social e-commerce consumer to consumer web app. It offers products registration, peers review, products categorization, multi-currencies management, multi-language management and will offer secure payment.Features of OpenC2C:- Multi-currencies- Product voting- Vendor voting- Sale commenting- Muli-lingual- Marketing campaign shortlinks- Multimedia descriptions
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