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    Mozart is a contact, calendar and case/project management system, written in PHP using MySQL.
  2. Kronophobia
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    The aim of Kronophobia is to provide an Open Source, web enabled school calendaring system that is event based, has a lot of features, is easily and intuitively used and managed and runs on any *NIX system.Features of Kronophobia:- Event management- Holiday management- No School days or Break management- Event Recurrence and approval system- Opponent/Schools database for meets,sports games,etc.- external ...
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    EGS is a multi-user, web-based Groupware/CRM/MRP suite developed using PHP.Current Enterprise CRM and Groupware System includes: - CRM/Address Book/Dashboard,- Calendar,- Content Management, - Wiki, - Project Management tools, - Email Ticketing, - Website News, - File Sharing, - Accounting/ERP.
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    Moodle (Moodle Course Management System) use Gregorian calendar as its calendar and if I you want to use another calendar system, you will have a problem. You can't use Jalali Calendar for your moodle system. this project solve this problem.
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    FOCCAL est une application Web qui propose un gestionnaire d'agenda multi-calendrier et multi-utilisateur. Dans la version actuelle il est disponible dans la seule langue franaise.
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