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  1. mooSocial
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    New Year Sale! (20% off)mooSocial is a social network software built on top of CakePHP 2 framework. It has all the features to build a successful community (e.g. blog, photo, group, event, video, topic...). mooSocial is fast, easy to customize and CMS indepentdent (you don't need a CMS to run it!)Features of mooSocial:- Easy CustomizationWhether you want to create a ...
  2. ORM Designer
    573 total visits
    ORM Designer is a visual definitions editor supporting favorite ORM frameworks (Doctrine ORM, Doctrine2 ORM, Propel ORM and CakePHP). The application brings an innovative approach to ORM Definitions work flow and it significantly boosts developers' efficiency.ORM Designer replaces kilobytes of text definitions written by hand with repetitive definition files export right from a graphical model. It also allows to import ...
  3. Cakephp
    13943 total visits
    CakePHP is a rapid development PHP framework that provides an extensible architecture for developing, maintaining, and deploying applications. Using commonly known design patterns like MVC and ORM within the convention over configuration paradigm, CakePHP reduces development costs and helps developers write less code. Features of CakePHP:- Model, View, Controller Architecture- Application Scaffolding- Code generation via Bake- Helpers for HTML, Forms, ...
  4. No Screenshot
    158 total visits
    FinallyPHP is a lightweight PHP MVC framework. Built with a simple and modular structure, FinallyPHP can be used in quickly putting together a project's structure. It's not a full-blown solution like CakePHP or Symfony, but it can bootstrap projects with speed, as you'd expect from a framework. Features of FinallyPHP:Packages and utilities:- Error controllers- Config based system- File interaction- Form ...
  5. No Screenshot
    469 total visits
    QuickApps CMS is a free open source CMS (Content Management System) powered by cakePHP 2.0 framework. It has some of the most remarkable characteristics from Drupal like Modularzation, Node architecture, Content Types systeam creation and Field API (CCK). It is a simple application, but robust enough to create and manage virtually any website, from very simplistic websites (static content), as ...
  6. VaM Cart
    703 total visits
    VaM Cart is a free and Open Soure PHP shopping cart, which is also CakePHP based Open Source Shopping cart.Features of VaM Cart:- Easy Installation.- SEO - Search Engine Optimization.- Unlimited Categories, Products.- CakePHP, MVC, Smarty.- Multi Language, Multi Currency.- Templatable.- Open Source.- Automatic Image Resize.- Product Reviews.- Coupons...Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher- MySQl 4.1 or Higher
  7. NoseRub
    1291 total visits
    NoseRub is a free and open source social networking software based on CakePHP. Applications with the NoseRub protocol keep information about profile data for each of the contacts. These profiles get synchronised between the applications, social networks and can be used by any other NoseRub service. NoseRub uses already available standards like OpenID, RSS and FOAF to provide the goal ...
  8. EpisodeCMS
    970 total visits
    EpisodeCMS is CakePHP based content management system. Features: control panel, events API, module management, multilanguage and translations, themes. User interface consist of: main menu, logged user information, notification area, navigation area, content area, additional information area. Default menu separated to console, content, users. Requirements:- Apache 2.2+ (mod_rewrite)- PHP 5.0+ (curl, mysql)- MySQL 5.1+
  9. Wildflower
    450 total visits
    Wildflower is a content management system and application platform build on CakePHP framework and jQuery Javascript. Requirements:- Apache web server with mod_rewrite- PHP 5.2+- MySQL 4.1+Fresh installation:- Extract the archive. Place the wildflower directory inside your web servers documents folder.- Create a new MySQL database (utf8_unicode_ci collation is strongly recommented) and into this new database import the SQL file app/config/sql/wildflower.sql.- ...
  10. Croogo
    810 total visits
    Croogo is a free, open source, content management system for PHP on top of the CakePHP framework. Themes and plugins are available for the CMS, allowing easy customization of the presentation and content. Features of Croogo:- SEO- Blog- Pages- Taxonomy: Categorization of your content- WYSIWYG Editor- Attachments (for image and file uploads)- Threaded comments- Email notification- Moderation- Spam protection (requires ...
  11. Cheesecake Photoblog
    2219 total visits
    Cheesecake Photoblog is a photoblog application written using PHP and MySQL and the cakePHP framework, It has a clean MVC code architecture. The URLs generated are clean and Search Engine Friendly. The comment system has SPAM protection via Akismet as well as a 'Black List'. Cheesecake is easily theme-able and extensible using add-ons.Cheesecake Photoblog also features tagging, RSS feeds, multiple ...
  12. MyMeeting
    2375 total visits
    MyMeeting is a meeting management and decision status tracking software written in php with mysql as the backend and cakephp as the development framework.
  13. OSShare
    2319 total visits
    OSShare is an opensource PHP video/photo sharing script , Which has some functionalities of youtube,rapidshare.Uses mysql,ffmpeg,flvtool(opt),gd or ImageMagick Built on CakePHP support for both PHP4,PHP5, Windows/*nix visit.Features of OSShare:- Unlimited Slave Servers Support- Space on same /different harddisk can be utilized to store the user files- Even Remote FTP Accounts/Servers can be setup as slaves- Categories,Channels Support- Ajax for comments,ratings,etc- ...
  14. No Screenshot
    1756 total visits
    Groux is another PHP MVC framework.Goals of Groux: - cakephp's style, - lightweight, strength javascript/ajax integration,- OO and Coded in PHP5, - ready to move to PHP6.dbo, - url routing, - many helpers, - debugging tools, - scaffolding..
  15. No Screenshot
    2259 total visits
    Functions of PoundCake Control Panel (CakePHP plugin):- admin panel for users and groups management, - dynamic database driven ACL menus generation and management, - permissions assignment to users and groups.
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