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    LinkDB is a Link DataDase. This means that LinkDB is a centralised system to manage links, log who, how and when was a link accessed and finally serve links to resources that change a lot or that are quite long to remember.
  2. Maarch Archiving DMS
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    A PHP5 MySql Document Management System (DMS) infrastructure dedicated to the legal archiving of high volumes of static documents, coming with on-top business applications like mailroom management or HR document management. Purposes of the project are to Customer files, members, Dossiers et factures fournisseurs Records and invoices, Courrier tout-venant E-run, Etats comptables States accounting, Reprise d'archive en numérisation Resumption of ...
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    OutBoard simulates the famous office In/Out boards. It shows who is in, out, when they will be back, and has a space for remarks (location, phone, etc.). New in version 2 are timeclock reports on individual users and timesheet printing.Features of the OutBoard:- Intuitive, web-based user interface- Multi-user, with administration area- Internal or web server-based password authentication- Dot positions: In, ...
  4. B2BSuite
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    B2BSuite is a complete suite for Oscommerce (e-commerce solution) for Business to Business ( B2B ) or/and fidelity your Business to client ( B2C ). There are several script automation for easy manage price and products of your website.Features of B2BSuite:- Complete Business to business solution,- Can work as a discount OR markup mode,- Customers can be associated to group,- ...
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    Business Customer and Lead Management is key to any successful business is get leads in, be on top of each lead, convert them to customer and then manage the customers.
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    Blog for Business is the project about creating a blog for business.
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    Skincare Management System manages customers, treatment follow-up, products supply, clinic history, skin status. It is a web-based management system written in PHP and uses MySQL database using brazilian-portuguese language.Requirements:- MySQL, - Apache,- PHP.
  8. The TimeTracker
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    The TimeTracker is a PHP/MySQL web application for managing projects, customers and time entries for autonomous workers and small businesses.
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    COCLICO Petits commerces, cash register machine software (POS software) for small retail businesses and shops. COCLICO Petits commerces can manage numerous counters using a web based network architecture. Based on Open Source softwares (Apache, PHP, PostgreSQL).
  10. phpBusinessPlan
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    phpBusinessPlan helps you to create a comprehensive plan for your developing business. phpBusinessPlan has over 70 optional sections with links to descriptions and examples for what they should contain. It has a very simple interface and is completely web based.
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    phpbiz, a c2c e-businese web based platform.
  12. Contrack Order Management
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    Contrack Order Management is a web-enabled order-centric management software that supports the planning and management of the order's complete life-cycle. It supports order entry, contacts management, production planning and tracking as well as financial monitoring.
  13. PushOk SEMA
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    PushOk SEMA - PHP based group/project management application. SEMA is abbreviation of Small Enterprise Management Application. By "small enterprise" we mean any business, intellectual most often, with 5-15 workers.
  14. UpdateAble
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    UpdateAble, simple CMS, focused on ease of use and intuitive interface. Ideal for small businesses which require a web presence.
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    Light PHP Content Management System, a very lightweight drop-in database driven content managment system targeted for personal and small business use. Plans include support for MySQL, SQLite, ODBC, PostgreSQL, and XML.
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