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    This free guest book script can be added in to any html website with php. b) Configurable look and feel. c) Option to look the entries in ascending and descending order. d) You can view users comments one by one, with previous and next option. File based utility. No configurations required. Sorting option to sort messages in ascending and descending ...
  2. PHP Grade Book
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    PHP_GradeBook is a program for teachers to input students points for assignments and keeps a runing online tally for the students to view online.
  3. PaoLiber
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    With PaoLiber you can publish a book on line or a collection of poems indexed by both title or chapter. At the same time you can insert a journal or news with pagination. Features of PaoLiber:- No needs database.- The administrator can edit and delete entries, set the number of entries per page and configure homepage message.- Multilanguage- You can ...
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    phpYABS (Yet Another Book-management Software) is an Object-Oriented application written for PHP 5.2.x and based on symfony and Zend Framework.The goal of phpYABS: Yet Another Book Software is to provide a simple interface to manage either a personal book library or a book store.
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    VuFind is a library resource discovery portal designed and developed for libraries by libraries. The goal of VuFind is to enable your users to search and browse through all of your library's resources by replacing the traditional OPAC,it is a free PHP search engine software.VuFind is completely modular so you can implement just the basic system, or all of the ...
  6. AV Book Library
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    AV Book Library is a very simple online book library database application. It allows you to store your book information under categories (like: Fiction, Health, etc) along with the key book details like title, author, publisher, ISBN, pages, whether you have read it or not, whether you've loaned it to someone, a description of the book, etc. The program will ...
  7. Ferzo InSite
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    Ferzo InSite is an application that allows user to sell digital products online such as eBook, executable programs and so on. It use PayPal as it's primary payment processor.
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    The Home Library Archive will help you categorize and keep track of your books by Library of Congress format. Automatically add new information from the Library of Congress or Amazon whenever you add a new book. Plain output appearance, but robust functionality under the hood.
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    Library Accounting System is a media cataloguing system coded in php, mysql and javascript for books, movies, journals & magazines (music planned). LAS is currently geared torward the individual user, but in the future may introduce features for institutions & groups.
  10. Processed Book Open Source
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    PBOS is a web-based book-annotation system that lets authors add books to read, and readers markup the books with notes, links, bookmarks, and other annotations. It lets readers share their annotations or keep them private. Written in php w/some perl.
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    Books Module for PostNuke will integrate books recommendations into your PostNuke Site. With rating, comments, suggesting of books. Books may have images, descriptions and affiliate links to online bookstores. Code could be easily modified to handle other media objects (DVDs, CDs).
  12. PHP Book Club
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    PHP Book Club is a web application designed to allow users of small groups (like User Groups, Clubs) to share their collection of books with each other. Individual users can create an account, and add their books to the system. Then other users can browse the collective 'library' and borrow books from other users.The system tracks who has which books, ...
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    Several types of information about books are retrieved by sending requests to the WorldCat xISBN Web services API. Key Features of WorldCat XISBN:· Getting metadata of a given book· Getting all editions similar to a book with a given ISBN· Convert between ISBN 10 and 13· Fix the checksum of a given ISBN· Guess the publisher area of a given ...
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    Requests to obtain information about books, are sent to the LibraryThing Web services API.Key Features of LibraryThing Services:- Get the list of related works given the ISBN of a book- Get the language of a book with a given ISBN- Get the identifier, page URL and related works of a book with a given ISBNRequirements: PHP 5.2 or higher
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    LabStoRe is a modular, optionally account-based, inventory or LIMS system that provides a way to collect, maintain, present and archive information on laboratory stocks and records.A laboratory with a good inventory, or better, information system, saves time, reduces errors, prevents wastage, and occasionally even provides insights. The interface to this system is web-based, making it conveniently accessible and even though ...
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