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    Blinkwalla is a powerful blogging engine based on Linkwalla. It uses XML documents to store its data so MySQL/Other Databases are not needed. All that Blinkwalla needs to run is a web server with PHP5 and write access to the server.
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    cutenews aj-fork, a fork of the popular news/blog software CuteNews.The intended use of this software (CN:AJ) is for blogs or small newssites. Think of it as b2-light. Depends on PHP4, thrives on apache and uses flatfiles for data storage.
  3. GreenPants
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    GreenPants is a simple blog system. The entries are organized with categories. There is an admin panel. Comments must be approved. The admin can edit, delete, and create entries, categories, and emoticons.It is easy to translate to another language. Uses BBCode.
  4. Ultimix
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    ultimix is a PHP framework for developing web-based applications. It can be the starting point of complex applications like CMSs, portals, ERPs, CRMs and more. It includes multilanguage support, permits management, MVC mini framework, package structure, template engine, javascript library, simple GUI library, caching system, captcha., and more. Features of ultimix:- Object-oriented and highly reusable code- Event-driven programming- Feature-rich Web ...
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    Alex test blog is a simple blogging software platform still in development and can be downloaded as open source.
  6. Injader
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    Injader is a content management system that combines flexibility with ease of use. Many important features of the project Injader are provided in the core without the need for plugins, and without bloating the system.
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    Dahlberg Blog is my thesis. Dahlberg Blog is a blog system, which initially will be a fairly simple blog system that is available only in Swedish. At the end of the project, I will probably add English. NOTICE! And the project is still under development.
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    Blog Ink(Blink) is a blog system just like WordPress but simplier. It is written in PHP and using MySQL and Allows multi-language(currently Turkish and English but can be translated easily), plugins and custom skins.
  9. Gemibloo
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    Gemibloo is a fully open and very extensible Geo Micro blogging platform. Thanks to its import and export plugins, Geolocation is extracted from pictures sent by mail from mobile phones, displayed on a map, and used to update Twitter & Fire Eagle.
  10. Podcast Generator
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    Podcast Generator is a free web based podcast publishing script written in PHP: upload media files (audio-video) via a web form along with episode information and automatically create podcast w3c-compliant feed including iTunes specific tags. Generator allows you to publish your audio and video podcasts in a few steps. It also features a comprehensive web administration.Podcast Main Features:- Very easy ...
  11. DBlog
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    DBlog is a blogging software based on the CodeIgniter PHP framework. It offers all the important features one might expect from a blogging software like WYSIWYG editor, tagging, categories, static pages, spam protection, RSS feeds, Trackback/ping...New Features of DBlog:- Support for meta-tags- Some parts of the administration have been enhanced with tabs using my new javascript class: Tabr- Added a ...
  12. InFrame
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    InFrame is a personal, easy-to-use photo blog. And it supports comments with captcha, ratings, EXIF, RSS feed, watermark. Needs web server with PHP5 and GD. Built-in db, no external database required. InFrame is designed to showcase the photograph, which in turn is meant to be viewed slowly, to be fully enjoyed. After that, if curiosity about the photo kicks in, ...
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    BlogMan, a blogging application designed to be run by a person who will host their own blog somewhere.It allows for full customization of the stylesheet used to render the page, and of users and comments. Version 2.0 will be coming soon.
  14. Qool
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    Qool CMS is a content management system with feaures: fast, powerfull, secure and 100% modular. Qool supports other CMS's themes and plugins too. Features of Qool: - Recycle Bin; - File Manager; - Image Editor; - Content export in various formats; - Sub sites; - Modular; - Microformats
  15. Grain Theme for WordPress
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    Grain Theme for WordPress is designed olny for WordPress with wonderful photoblog themes, and the project is based on the YAPB plugin. It uses a mosaic style overview page, has archives, can display exif data, browse to random photos etc. Additional information about a photo will be shown on a comment popup or an "extended" info page.
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