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  1. WordPress Installer
    316 total visits
    Wordpress installer is free friendly gui for installing wordpress, which is a free PHP Blog software. Easily set the mysql database, mysql user, mysql user password, host, port ,table prefixdatabase charset and collation, language, bydefault the secret keys are automatically generated, but you can override this and add your own keys, without editing wp-config.php With the wordpress installer you can ...
  2. myBloggie
    437 total visits
    myBloggie an open-source PHP Blog system. myBloggie is built using PHP & mySQL, web most popular scripting language & database system enable myBloggie to be installed in any webservers. It is considered one of the most simple, user-friendliest yet packed with features Weblog system available to date. Template based designed enable you to customize myBloggie easily & to create your ...
  3. kure
    808 total visits
    Kure is a free PHP Blog software,which is a simple and portable blogging engine written in PHP. It runs on a flat-file database, meaning it stores its posts and information in straight-up text files rather than database systems. No database systems are required. Kure sports a templating engine to suit your styling needs and a plugin engine to suit your ...
  4. Maran php Blog
    531 total visits
    Maran php Blog is a simple Blog app, using flat file txt as database store content, is not using mySQL DB. Has archive pages, search, and comments. Is designed for small pages, small projects. Instalation:- Copy file in root site folder. - Create one folder "/imgblog/" and set chmod 666 or 777.- Create one folder "/maranlog/" and set chmod 666 ...
  5. PHP Minimus Blog
    517 total visits
    PHP Minimus blog is a free PHP Blog & PHP CMS based blogging solution. It's now fully operational, and finds himself with some nice additives such as the installation of new themes or modules via the web from the administration minimus (forget your ftp) Minimus use MySQLi database to store datas, url friendly, themes and modules one click install.Minimus blog ...
    358 total visits
    RAMUI WEBBLOG is a PHP-MYSQL based free PHP Blog script. This script has few unique features which make it different from the other free or even commercial blog scripts available on the internet. The ultimate goal of this script is to provide maximum control to the webmasters in managing their websites. Here you can directly use PHP code or even ...
  7. SWG MiniBlog
    747 total visits
    SWG MiniBlog is a PHP and MySQL script provides a simple and lightweight blogging/news system for your website. The PHP Blog script allows you to quickly post updates to your blog via an online control panel from which you can also manage your blog and prepare posts. This script is ideal to provide updates and information to your visitors about ...
  8. No Screenshot
    399 total visits
    Miniblog is a PHP blog system, which is easy to install, easy to use and you don't need a trillion of features (or maybe more than the raw basics..) then look no further. Well do look further if you seek for a fullblown, featurerich, ring & bells blog.. Miniblog just lets you post from within the website and displays those ...
  9. eBlog
    576 total visits
    eBlog is a free PHP Blog script that can be used to manage and maintain personal blogs written in PHP. This solution works great out of the box and does not require any programming or developing skills. After completing the installation process, this system will stand up to anything. It will not only allow you to add, edit and delete ...
  10. BlogPHP
    694 total visits
    BlogPHP is a powerful and easy-to-use PHP Blog script. BlogPHP includes basic features such as adding blogs, categories and comments. Also it features the ability to upload files, add static pages, add links and much more. Features of BlogPHP:- Blog Subscription- Admin: Blogs (save option, saved aren't shown anywhere except admin area)- Gallery- Message system (accessed through profile page, can ...
  11. Ninja Blog
    448 total visits
    Ninja Blog is a PHP based Open Source blogging solution. Based upon wordpress, Ninja Blog uses text files instead of a database to store data. Ninja Blog has customisable themes, What you see is what you get editing environment, dynamic RSS feed generation, Archives, Categories and a version checker. Ninja Blog also includes tools to upgrade from a previous installation ...
  12. emlog
    315 total visits
    emlog, every memory log, is a powerful and functional personal blog based on PHP and MySQL. It is designed to offer people a fast, stable and easy to use blog.
  13. Textpattern
    388 total visits
    Textpattern CMS is a flexible, elegant and easy-to-use content management system designed primarily for writers and bloggers. Even if Textpatter is at its best as a blogging platform, online magazine or news center, it can be used for plain websites as well. Features of Textpattern CMS:- WYSIWYG editing- Admin panel- Easy installer- Easy file uploading- Protect articles with a password- ...
  14. No Screenshot
    233 total visits
    bBlog is a blogging program written in OOP style PHP. Major features include threaded comments and trackback support. It is designed from the ground up to use the Smarty templating engine. It has unparalleled extendability and versility.
  15. No Screenshot
    306 total visits
    BirdBlog is a PHP/MySQL blogging system, based on an engine similar to BirdBoard. This system is designed to be faster and more flexible than current blog systems available, while keeping its simplicity. Installation:- Extract the package from its archived state - Upload everything to the desired location on your webserver - Make sure the following directories have read/write access (chmod ...
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