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  1. mBlog
    345 total visits
    mBlog is aimed to be easy to use and to manage blogging script. Using mBlog is quite straightforward, there is no difficult options or strange jargons. Even it is small & simple blog, you can use mBlog for advanced blogging, such as creating a news site, or multiuser blog. Features of mBlog:- WYSIWYG editor, - Blog summary, - Categorized blogs, ...
  2. No Screenshot
    262 total visits
    Wordlog is a Weblog written in PHP and backed by MySQL. Its interface is entirely ASCII-based and standards compliant. Features include on-the-fly page editing, multiple users, administration access, comment threading, URL parsing, and an easily customizable interface. Now support HTML in posts. Requirements:- PHP4(w/PEAR) - MySQL
  3. Community Mobile Channels
    2355 total visits
    Community Mobile Channels is a project which rethinks content sharing and publishing from a totally community oriented and mobile perspective. It can be used configured as a personal blog or a large community site or a wiki and its all just mobile channels
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