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    Emailr is an open source web application for displaying content delivered to the site via email submissions. Long term aims of the site include blogging, reviews, image submissions, todo lists, calendar, networking, etc.
  2. XLog
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    XLog is Blog-oriented CMS using PHP, XSLT, XUL. XLog is using XSL transformation executed by server with PHP extension (PHP 5). This sourceforge server now is running PHP 4 and doesn't support XSL transformation. Will hope that such possibility to able some time in the future.
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    Blogs manager is an application for viewing-managing blogs. There can be as many authors you want and they can manage their own blogs and there are comments and rating. It has a field for youtube videos so blogs will be more live!
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    Zeroboard is a homepage building framework based on PHP and Database(MySQL/Cubrid/Sqlite). Zeroboard provides various kinds of great features to build a web site, such as web-boards, blogs, member managing, messaging and so on.
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    M00seBl0g, a PHP based open source blog, light weight, mainly proceedural coding with a lot of room for improvement and enhancement.Currently M00seBl0g is in development for an OO API to accompany it.
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    FreeBlog is my first project in php. I hope i will find people to help to develop it, it's such simple at the moment !
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    VicBlog is an open source PHP webblog script backed by a MySQL Database. Currently in Beta, VicBlog has some really good features to start off with, including WYSIWYG for easy content publishing, easy Installer, and lots more with more to come.Requirements:- Apache Server- PHP 5 (php 4 may work. Has not been tested)- MySQL
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    DIY Blog, a simple blog application. Uses the DIY Framework, Propel with MySQL, and XSLT.It has post listing, archive, search features, as well as administrative interface with a user system. All output is well-formed and (with the default templates) valid XHTML.
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    Simple PHP Blog is a simple flat-file PHP blogging system. Just unzip and deploy to a web server. It will work out of the box. The blog installer starts automatically. Features of Simple PHP Blog:- Manage posts and static pages- Easy to install- Secure admin panel- Categories- Manage emoticons- Moderation controls- WYSIWYG editing- Themes- Plugins- Meta data management- Manage data ...
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    PppBLOG is a simple PHP based weblog package with photo gallery. It is based on plain text files and does not require any database. pppBlog started as a collection of add-ons and extensions to SPB but goes its own ways now. The philosophy is the same, keep it simple! It is easy to install (unzip and run) and does not ...
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    Gallina 4 Wordpress is a plugin for wordpress that read a gmail account and publish on your blog the email flagged with the star.
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    Flash blog (Trke) is a php-mysql-flash Blog... Tamam flash zerine kurulu PHP-Mysql blog... Ayrntlar, bilgiler internet sitesinde yaynlanmaktadr.
  13. bloggeruniverse
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    bloggeruniverse, a blogging system written in PHP that has many features including RSS, theming, a user system, logging, and blog settings. The blog also allows the administrator to change the messages displayed to users by using the administration panel.
  14. LnBlog
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    LnBlog is a cross-platform, file-based weblog/mini-CMS. Aims of the project is to be feature-rich but still easy to use and low on requirements. Includes plugin and theme support, along with lots of other handy features.
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    MyBlog is an open source Blog/CMS project. It allows begginers to have a simple to use blog/cms and it will still please developers with feature packed system with plugins, themes and modules.
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