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    CyBerFuN xBTiT by cybernet2u / I only install hacks and maintain them / all the credits for the core source.Features of CyBerFuN xBTiT:- Sticky Torrent- SeedBonus- Featured Torrent- User Warning System- Invitations- Append tracker announce- Gold / Silver Torrent- Invalid Login System- Ignore List- Friend List- Help Desk- Stats Bar- Ban Client- Uploader Comments and file size in torrent list- ...
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    TorrentTrader is a feature packed and highly customisable PHP/MySQL Based BitTorrent tracker. Featuring intergrated forums, and plenty of administration options.
  3. Libretto: Web download manager
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    Libretto is a multiuser download manager; works in a graphical Web browser; the Web Server executes the downloads and saves that in a directory of user's choice.The project currently supports protocols HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, Bittorrent, Metalink and Jigdo.
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    BtiTracker is a complete php tracker system for BitTorrent, easy to setup and configure. Full remote admin management.
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    W3btorrent is a simple and light web based php torrent client. It let you control your torrents. Such as view torrent status, decide down/up speed, download finish files, WAP control and more! Using your favorite web browser from anywhere!
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    Xoops2 Torrent, Tracker/Announce Server is a comprehensives module for xoops that allows for uploading and submission of external torrents. X-Torrent is a module which offer full control of torrents in xoops, it will poll and provide a tracker to your xoops.
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    RivetTracker is a modified version of PHPBTTracker. Written in PHP, this BitTorrent tracker uses MySQL as the database backend. RivetTracker provides an RSS feed, optional support for HTTP seeding, detailed connection statistics, easy installation, and much more.
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    The TBSource code contains the basic components needed to build a private ratio based Bit-Torrent tracker. Originally based on the ByteMonsoon source, TBSource has easily become the most commonly used core for many of the private sites around today.
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    PK-Torrents is a PHP torrent lister based on torrenthoster v1.0. It has the functionality to crawl the top torrent sites, Meganova, Mininova, Piratebay, Snarf, Torrentportal, Torrentspy.
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    TorrentVolve is a cross-platform PHP-driven web-based BitTorrent client. It focuses on speed and reliability, while also providing a full feature set. TorrentVolve includes a user management system, a Torrent file manager, and a configurable Torrent downloader.
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    PHPBTTracker+ is BitTorrent tracker software, based off of phpbttracker that uses php and mysql.
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    Trunk is a PHP project to further enhance, update and develop a software (php peer-to-peer) from the original torrentbits source code. The goal is to provide the absolutely latest stuff. Therefore, only specially authorised users havepermission to upload torrents.
  13. TBDEV.net
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    TBDEV,NET is a project to further enhance, update and develop a software (php peer-to-peer) from the original torrentbits/bytemonsoon source code.Features of TBDEV.net:- Passkey- Forums- Personal Messenger
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    Xbtit is a complete Bittorrent tracker system or frontend only for xbtt. To find your bittorrent downloadable information just by this project.
  15. BlackTorrent
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    BlackTorrent is a webInterface for the BtQueue project. In this, javascript like: prototype, php and html were used. This project function is: Monitoring, and editing torrents in a webbrowser, what running in the BtQueue. This project is similar to TorrentFlux.
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