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  1. MeBiblio
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    MeBiblio is a web front-end for a citation database written in PHP/mySQL. It produces code to be used in a LaTeX the bibliography environment.
  2. BibCiter
    1996 total visits
    BibCiter is an online bibliographic manager, to privately manage your bibliography or openly publish bibliographies on the web. Multiuser (admin, edit, external).
  3. Bibwiki
    1169 total visits
    Bibwiki is a Specialpage for MediaWiki to manage BibTeX bibliographies. With Bibwiki it's easy to import records from various sources, manage digital documents, export lists of references via BibTeX and create lists of references in wiki articles.
  4. No Screenshot
    1714 total visits
    litfass, a webbased multiuser bibliography management tool. it allows to convert to bibtex, bibtexml and other formats such as html, text,.. the user is allowed to define own formats via xsl style sheets. anonymous users can be allowed to browse lists.
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