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  1. ETraxis
    2457 total visits
    ETraxis is a free web-based issue tracking system written in PHP with the ability to set up unlimited number of fully customizable workflows. Although ETraxis is famous for bug tracking and helpdesk system tracking, in fact it could be used to track almost anything.Key Features of ETraxis:- Custom records templates- Flexible permissions management- Dependencies between records- History of events and ...
  2. No Screenshot
    1322 total visits
    ClearChat is a simple PHP/MySQL chat block with an HTML-interface. ClearChat is designed for use with PHP-Nuke 6.5 and uses the registered users data in its security system. It is only usable for registered users who are logged in. Users can undock the chat from the site itself so that it operates almost like you are talking to someone with ...
  3. NovaBoard
    552 total visits
    NovaBoard is a PHP forum which features for easy to install and easy to use even though you are not equipped with great PHP skills. NovaBoard is an OpenSource, powerful PHP Forum project.Features of NovaBoard:- Unlimited forums with unlimited sub-forums- BB Code with tags such as spoiler, hide, youtube- Add polls to topics- Subscribe to RSS feeds in each forum ...
  4. Spacemarc News
    1895 total visits
    Administrator and Users accounts, comments with IP and words filter, news categories, file upload (archives, images, documents) and file manager, PDF export, feed RSS, internal search engine (with find/replace option), news visits counter, BBcode and text format, DB tables backup, full localization in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian language. And more... Main Features of Spacemarc News:- Administrator and User ...
  5. SimpNews
    1748 total visits
    SimpNews, a news system written in PHP.Features of SimpNews:- Data stored in MySQL,- admin interface,- support for multiple languages,- support for multiple instances in one database,- own header,- multiple layout settings,- support for BBCode and smilies,- you can assin an icon graphic to every news entry,- you can attach a file to news entries, entries can be put in categories,- ...
  6. Contentor CMS
    1703 total visits
    Contentor CMS, an easy to learn CMS that includes web-based editing, auto menu, an event calendar and a forms processor. It uses an HTML template with a few added PHP tags. Supports embedded HTML and a simple BBCode-like markup language.
  7. No Screenshot
    1565 total visits
    Drafter classes offers a 'white board' where multiple people can write messages in a draft way. Its intended to build TO-DO lists, Brainstorm ideas, some kind of idea repository or so...As Drafter classes doesn't have very security elements it is intended to be used in a secured directory by a team of people (or one alone). It presents a Web ...
  8. GreenPants
    2062 total visits
    GreenPants is a simple blog system. The entries are organized with categories. There is an admin panel. Comments must be approved. The admin can edit, delete, and create entries, categories, and emoticons.It is easy to translate to another language. Uses BBCode.
  9. No Screenshot
    2013 total visits
    This component is a simple and elegant personal messaging system for Joomla! 1.5. You can send messages to multiple users and it has a user suggestion function. It is also possible to use BBCode and smilies. The inbox size can be defined.
  10. No Screenshot
    1939 total visits
    MyNews is very easy to include into any website, just as simple as using the include tag and calling the function to display the news.BBCode has been added to this feature, so now you do not need to know html, just use simple bbcode to publish your news.
  11. No Screenshot
    1995 total visits
    BBCode Advanced can be used to edit text formatted with BBCode tags. It can generate a tool bar with form buttons to format text in a textarea field using BBCode tags to represent the supported text styles and other edition functions.Currently BBCode Advanced can set the text style to bold, italic, underline and strike-through, set the text font family, color ...
  12. No Screenshot
    1741 total visits
    ContentBBcode Parser can be used to parse and reformat BBCode like tags as HTML. It recognizes special tags that start with the name rk: OR rk_ . When these are found in the content text with this BBCode like tags, it looks up in a SQLite database for the PHP code that can process the tags that were found.ContentBBcode Parser ...
  13. No Screenshot
    1718 total visits
    Source Parser can be used to parse text BBCode style tags like [PIC="logo.gif"], [IMG PIC="photo.jpg" BORDER=0], [B]text[/B] etc.It invokes given calllback functions when open and close tags are found passing the attributes of the tags. The callback functions can return text that is used to replace the tags that are found.Optionally, Source Parser can turn URLs and e-mail addresses into ...
  14. No Screenshot
    1760 total visits
    BBCode Class allows you to define BBCode tags, and then parse text with them.
  15. No Screenshot
    1740 total visits
    BBcode TS can be used as a template engine to process text with BBcode tags, similar to those used by PHPBB, and generate HTML output.BBcode TS supports the BBcode tags n1, n2, n3, b, u, i, color, font, size, right, left, center, img, url, email, list, and also the tags definicja for definition, uwaga for notes, notatka for footnotes and ...
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