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    WeEn - Web Engine (CMS), this CMS provide full control over site(s) structure and content. Structure and Elements can be stored to DB(SQL) and/or XML storage file. Key Features of Web Engine CMS: - setup access permittions, - full localization/multilanguage, - backup/restore.
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    phpEditMe is a light-weight web-based editor for websites, documentation, and source code. It includes a file manager, a WYSIWYG HTML editor, a backup system, and can (optionally) enforce the formatting of Dreamweaver templates.
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    psDarBackup provides an user interface for the backup program DAR. Main Features of psDarBackup:- backup of multiple directories/files, - resumeable backups and the recovery of backups. You can create incremental or full backups.
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    Automated configuration backups and version control for Cisco IOS-based devices, Nortel Alteon Web Switches and Nortel Alteon Application Switches, implemented over SNMP and TFTP.
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    Mummi is a multi user interface for the Apache module mod_mp3. The interface uses PHP4 & MySQL to store information on users, users personal mp3 playlists and more.
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