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    Webasyst is a PHP framework (a platform) for developing web-based multi-user apps with a backend and a frontend. It offers a ready-to-use system for user authorization, access rights and routing setup, website creation, sleek CSS framework for fast UI design. The framework is great for creating secure web apps for businesses.
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    LEPTON CMS is a PHP fully customizable CMS, which will allow non-technical users deploy their online website in minutes, with the help of a visually and user friendly CMS backend. Features of LEPTON CMS:- Graphic installer- Easy to use admin dashboard- WYSIWYG editing- Themes- Add-ons- Users management- File browser- Multi-lingual support- Templatet layout- A mobile package- Online documentation Requirements:- MySQL ...
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    BlueBoy What's New is a simple database front/backend for your web site. It features displaying news items with a date, subject, who posted it, text of news, and a link for email or web page easily, and an admin page is included to make adding news items.The author writes: "to make a contribution to the php community and to help ...
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    Backend code/CMS for blizzle.com is the backend and content management system for blizzle.com with an aim on extending this to be used in any other web site by anyone anywhere.
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    CVS Web Client is full cvs web based clientusing original cvs backend ofcourse:) this cvs web client is designed to be easy to use, and powerful cvs client.
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    X-kernoel-x.NET Chat Engine using PHP, MySQL and JavaScript with a very fast backend, that allows neverseen speeds in php chat engines!
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    MP3 Intranet is a web based MP3 application. It is intended to be used if you have broadband internet(Cable, DSL, T1 or higher). It has been tested on FreeBSD over a T1 and cable lines.It uses a MySQL backend to store information to help play the files
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