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    Webasyst is a PHP framework (a platform) for developing web-based multi-user apps with a backend and a frontend. It offers a ready-to-use system for user authorization, access rights and routing setup, website creation, sleek CSS framework for fast UI design. The framework is great for creating secure web apps for businesses.
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    lINlOUT is a PHP / AJAX / MySQL based authorization library that gives registration and login / logout featureas to a web site. It is completely multilanguage and template (smarty) based. It is an authentication users tool, that supplies a rule to run a registerd users area.Features of lINlOUT:- multilanguage- written in PHP- Open Source- administration interface, with password access, ...
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    wawp, set of tools for web authentication and authorization. Wawp use php and mysql for login (also over SSL), logout and restrict web access to authorized users and/or groups.The restrictions can be organized per-directory, per-file or both.
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