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  1. BackendPro
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    BackendPro is a control panel for developers written in PHP for the CodeIgniter framework. Its not like a CMS where it provides you with a full working system but it does provide you with part of a system. What I mean by this is it provides you with functionality to do all the simple repetitive tasks like authentication, permissions and ...
  2. Lamos
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    Lamos is a PHP-based web software for bookmark management and exchange based on PHP. If you are tired of synchronizing your bookmarks between different browers, systems and place, why not store all your booksmarks in a database and access them through your web site?Requirements:- Webserver that supports HTTP basic authentication (e.g. Apache) Note: lamos relies on the webserver to do ...
  3. Harmoni PHP Project
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    The Harmoni Project is an effort led by the Curricular Technologies group at Middlebury College to build an application framework and standards-based infrastructure bus to support the rapid development and easy maintenance of curricular it projects. The project is built entirely using PHP's OOP (Object Oriented Programming) model, allowing the framework code to be easily extended and enhanced. There were ...
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    Web Application Gateway (WAG) provides core functionality, such as user definition, authentication and administration, for web applications developed as modules and utilizing the API exposed by WAG. Core technologies are PHP, MySQL and JavaScript.
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    UMA is a PHP user management and authentication application. Supports PostgreSQL and MySQL databases.
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    Uma (formerly known as Rampart) is a user authentication and management system written entirely in PHP and supports MySQL. There is an administrative web interface for managing users and API documentation available for developers.
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    wawp, set of tools for web authentication and authorization. Wawp use php and mysql for login (also over SSL), logout and restrict web access to authorized users and/or groups.The restrictions can be organized per-directory, per-file or both.
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