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    Ngeblog can be used to manage Blogger using Google Data API.Features of Ngeblog:- Authenticate using ClientLogin and AuthSub authentication- Submit a new post with a given title and message- Get an entry or the list of posts in a blog starting with a number up to a given number of posts- Update an entry- Delete a given post- Support multiple ...
  2. HybridAuth
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    HybridAuth, a free and open source web-based PHP Social Networking service project enables users to authenticate in your blog, Web site or application using their OpenID, Twitter, Facebook, MySpaceID, Google, AOL, Friendster or Vimeo Accounts. HybridAuth is one and simple SSO PHP Library.HybridAuth is an authentication and authorisation solution to combine the strengths of several major social networks and Identity ...
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    PhpShareFiles is a PHP application designed for company or groups to exchange large files on the web when SMTP servers ca not. Authenticated users can create zones where they can put files or tell their contacts to put ones. Notification messages can be sent.
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