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  1. Kimai
    603 total visits
    Kimai is a PHP web-based time tracking app which allows users to add projects and track the time spent on project tasks and the project in general. Features of Kimai:- User roles- Manage multiple projects- Invoice generation (in ODT format)- Easy to configure- Graphic installer- Export tools Requirements:- MySQL 4.1 or Higher- PHP 5.2 or Higher- PHP's PDO extension enabled
  2. TDTrac
    1996 total visits
    TDTrac is a project management web app built with PHP, MySQL and lots of JS and can be used as a project tracker, budget manager, to-do list, mailer and much more.Features of TDTrac:- Track individual show or project budgets- Reimbursable items- Per-User reimbursable items- Pending payment items- Items that include a receipt image, e-mailable to tdtrac (stored in tdtrac's database)- ...
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