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  1. pimcore-Zend Framework based content management system
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    Pimcore is a powerful and robust Zend Framework based PHP content management system (WCMS) for creating and managing digital content and assets licensed under the open-source BSD license.Besides being a full-featured open-source WCMS system, pimcore is the first and premier PHP open source enterprise product information management framework (PIM) available. This means true multi-channel publishing and integration into ecommerce systems ...
  2. ExiteCMS
    694 total visits
    ExiteCMS is an Open Source Content Management System (CMS), designed to run on the Apache - MySQL - PHP platform. The mission of the project ExiteCMS is to develop a simple, yet extremely powerful, Web Application Framework that provides PHP web application developers will all core functionality needed to quickly have a new application up and running. For most development ...
  3. Wildflower
    450 total visits
    Wildflower is a content management system and application platform build on CakePHP framework and jQuery Javascript. Requirements:- Apache web server with mod_rewrite- PHP 5.2+- MySQL 4.1+Fresh installation:- Extract the archive. Place the wildflower directory inside your web servers documents folder.- Create a new MySQL database (utf8_unicode_ci collation is strongly recommented) and into this new database import the SQL file app/config/sql/wildflower.sql.- ...
  4. WBBlog
    393 total visits
    WBBlog is a single user blogging application written in PHP and uses a backend MySQL database. This program is free software. It is an OpenSource PHP Blog project.With the release of WBBlog many changes have been brought forth.Requirements:- Linux, - Apache, - PEAR BBCode Parser,- MySQL,- PHP.
    358 total visits
    RAMUI WEBBLOG is a PHP-MYSQL based free PHP Blog script. This script has few unique features which make it different from the other free or even commercial blog scripts available on the internet. The ultimate goal of this script is to provide maximum control to the webmasters in managing their websites. Here you can directly use PHP code or even ...
  6. GetSimple CMS
    691 total visits
    GetSimple CMS is an open source CMS built using PHP and XML. It utilizes the speed and convenience of XML, a best-in-class UI and the easiest learning curve of any simple Content Management System out there. The CMS uses XML to store data, avoiding the complex MySQL database that everybody seems to use. Features of GetSimple CMS:- Best Security - ...
  7. Adminer
    634 total visits
    Adminer (formerly phpMinAdmin) is a full-featured PHP MySQL management tool. Conversely to phpMyAdmin, it consist of a single file ready to deploy to the target server.Features of Adminer:- Connect to a database server with username and password- Select an existing database or create a new one- List fields, indexes, foreign keys and triggers of table- Change name, engine, collation, auto_increment ...
  8. MyBanco
    877 total visits
    With the free open source software MyBanco, you are able to process your core banking without paying one cent, which should be the best way to save your bank's Total Cost of Ownership.Requirements:- Linux Kernel- Apache HTTP Server What's New in Version 0.09 MyBanco:- Realtime Integrated system- Scalable MySQL database system for the backend- Multiple servers for Frontend, Backend and ...
  9. WinLAMP
    2226 total visits
    WinLAMP: Windows+Apache+MySQL+PHP is not Linux+Apache+MySQL+PHP: WinLAMP. WinLAMP is an installer for Apache, MySQL, and PHP. Runs on Windows 2000 or better.WinLAMP also optionally installs phpMyAdmin, SQLyog, documentation help files, and an ActivePerl installer. Mini version installs only Apache & PHP.
  10. No Screenshot
    1891 total visits
    SimpleHostingPanel is a very simple hosting panel for apache, proftpd, mysql.
  11. No Screenshot
    1994 total visits
    EMAMP allows you to install Apache PHP MySQL on your Mac without altering system files. It's modular design allows you to run different versions of php/mysql/apache without them interfering with each other.
  12. No Screenshot
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    Afabik Web Log Analyzer written in PHP+BASH, helps to analyze Apache log traffic for statistical and maintance purpouses from commad line or by sheduled reports.The aim of the project Afabik Web Log Analyzer is to respect the privacy of website visitors by anonymizing results.
  13. No Screenshot
    1538 total visits
    Ratawiki is a wiki engine that works without a database. It's fast, reliable, standards-compliant and highly customizable. URLs are query string-free, which makes it search engine-friendly. Requirements:- Apache - PHP5
  14. No Screenshot
    1719 total visits
    The GoPenServer (Go-Open-Server) is an HTTP/FTP Server that includes Apache, MySQL, PHP, Perl, and phpMyAdmin. It also contains everything you need to create a website, including Nvu, Audacity, GIMP and several PHP apps that are updated frequently.
  15. Deadlock User Management System
    2088 total visits
    Deadlock is a powerful, fully featured user management system primarily written to protect web directories and documents using Apache's htaccess and htpasswd. Deadlock is written in PHP and uses a MySQL backend.
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