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    Blog Script for PHP is a powerful blogging system that requires only PHP and MySQL database. If you may open a free blog on thousands of websites, we recommend you to install Bloly blogging system. Functions of Blog Script for PHP:- Control everything: appearance, design, postings, etc.- Earn money for yourself, not for simebody else- Add value to your websiteFeatures ...
  2. Angora Guestbook
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    Angora Guestbook is a simple guestbook with a powerful administrator center.... It has lots of features and build on strong ground. It uses PHP 5 and a MySQL database.... It uses several techniques to fight spam, it is multi .language, multi .themes, and even have a mobile version. Features of Angora Guestbook:- Anti-spam measures . CAPTCHA and support for reCaptcha, ...
  3. Phpbbantispam
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    Phpbbantispam, home of the Antispam for all fields mod!
  4. OpenGB Guestbook
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    OpenGB Guestbook, a simple PHP MySQL website guestbook, user friendly and easily configurable.Features of OpenGB Guestbook:- administrator control panel, - spam protection,- IP address blocking.
  5. Basted
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    BASTED is a free tool that acts as a honeypot for spammers, who use spambots to harvest email addresses from websites. BASTED has been designed to become a powerfull tool for system administrators willing to learn about the the spam process.
  6. PhPOP3clean
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    phPOP3clean is a PHP-based POP3 email scanner. It's designed to be run as a cron job every minute or so, and to catch & delete several types of unwanted emails.Features:a) malformed emails - incomplete or malformed headers, which cause some POP3 servers to drop connection when the message is retrieved.b) email worms - attached executable files matched against database of ...
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    phpIntranet is a PHP/SQL intranet application including staff database, modular calendars, a tournament engine, SpamAssassin configuration integration, birthdays, image storing, etc. Now there is also an Inventory and Shopping Cart system!
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