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    DeadZone is a total rework of the popular web based space trading game BNT. The new GUI incorporates Ajax technology and is totally 'skinnable' DeadZone is now in the release candidate phase and many new features have been added and are being finalised
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    jPOP is a simple but powerful Ajax and RIA framework for PHP. It requires absolutely no coding on the client-side. By minimizing effort and time, and maximizing elegance and readability of code, sleek web apps are attainable by the average PHP developer.
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    SNS (Simple News System) is a News Manager written in PHP / AJAX.News are stored in a MySQL DB. SNS it is completely multilanguage,and template (smarty) based. News Manager con write new in RSS mode.A simple RSS reader for Flash is included.
  4. BAROSmini - BAnner ROtation System mini
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    BAROSmini - BAnner ROtation System mini is a PHP ad management system using a MySQL as database. It is designed to make banner rotation much easily.Main features of BAROSmini - BAnner ROtation System mini:- AJAX powered gui,- simplicity,- admin and user interface.- modify slot settings- fix resize (external) banners also when geater a maximum width- fix: after deleting a banner ...
  5. Ajax File Browser
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    Ajax File Browser is a PHP application that allows you to share and administer files on your server with a Web 2.0 look and feel. User accounts and permissions can be applied to Shares (sources) for more control.
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    Pieforms provides a simple, unified way to create, validate and process forms all with a common look and feel, with support for pluggable elements, renderers and validation rules. Supports AJAX submission, date picker/other advanced controls. Requirements:PHP5+.
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    Gnujiko is a web-based framework for creating various managerial applications. It developed in AJAX, under GNU/GPL license.Is a station for creating your own applications.
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    SADTEC is a KERNEL(!!) for Webapplications with AJAX support through XAJAX, a template support through PHPTAL and IE pre7 support trough Dean Edwards IE7 Javascript library. It's Mother-Project is the Himowe-Project.
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    The PRAjax class can be used to reflect PHP code into JavaScript and Ajax methods and vice-versa. PHP objects can be used in JavaScript trough Ajax calls, both properties and (registered) functions.
  10. AerFM - php/AJAX based file manager
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    AerFM - php/AJAX based file manager is dedicated to manage the filesystem of a webserver via web interface. It is a PHP/AJAX based application, it works only with Firefox 1.5. ---- 09.08.2006: some bugs fixed, see version 1.1.
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    AJAXLib is a class written in JavaScript that provides an easy way to implement AJAX (XMLHttpRequest) in your web applications. With AJAXLib you can send data via POST or GET to server (PHP/PERL/JSP,etc) and get the result directly in your JavaScript.
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    openRiverbed - the PHP5 framework. Ajax, TinyMCE, Plugins, XML based configuration, template based, XML2PDF pdf generation, multi-language support for application and content, encrypted sessions, test-driven, oo developed... Hardened by real projects.
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    PHP Ajax Forms Framework, a XAJAX based framework for building web applications with the functionality of desktop ones. Delphi like programming style for PHP using own engine. You define ONLY form HTML and event handlers. No java except 5-6 lines to call XAJAX. Still Joomla aware
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    xajaxChat, simple Chat Solution with PM, different Rooms and OPstatus based on xajax and implemented totally in PHP and JavaScript. Uses MySQL for Database Backend.
  15. Personal AJAX Content Management System
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    PACMS (Personal AJAX Content Management System) is a CMS with AJAX feature for the creation of personal (small medium size) website with a full webbased interface. Technologies of Personal AJAX Content Management System:- php;- xml;- javascript;Using AJAX programming technologies it's possible to administrate all the content. The editing is done by a WYSIWYG online html editor. The system is based ...
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