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  1. Gregarius
    2432 total visits
    Gregarius is a Web-based RSS/RDF/ATOM news aggregator, which features for OPML import/export, XHTML/CSS output and an AJAX-based item tagging system. This RSS aggregator project is designed to create a number of web pages that you could visit, containing a combined list of sites and blos that you're interesed in, ordered from newest to oldest. Gregarius comes with a neat interface, ...
  2. No Screenshot
    2199 total visits
    The project AJAX MySQL Admin aims to create a web based database administration tool, with expansion into automatic code generation from the database schema.The code allows creation and removal of databases, tables and fields via a web browser.
  3. No Screenshot
    1631 total visits
    Car Show Classifieds is a Classfieds for cars with mootools, php and mysql, totally in ajax.
  4. CMX : CMS full based AJAX
    2098 total visits
    CMX : CMS full based AJAX, CMS (Content Management System) application that using AJAX to increase the interactivity of application. Increased interactivity created by providing the application with multitasking feature and implement single screen web application.
  5. PHP MySQL AJAX Data Modifier
    2810 total visits
    PHP MySQL AJAX Data Modifier is a framework for displaying MySQL data over a PHP driven AJAX user-interface, allowing the user to modify data dynamically and page through results. The project is a multi-user platform with active synchronization between user windows.
  6. No Screenshot
    1997 total visits
    SpongeStats est un outil dvelopp en PHP/MySQL/AJAX pour visualiser les statistiques de frquentation et analyser le rfrencement d'un site Internet. SpongeStats is a analysis tools for your web site developped in PHP/MySQL/AJAX.
  7. Wiking CMS
    2022 total visits
    WikingCMS is a revolutionary PHP-based software for creating wikis. The project adds many Web 2.0 functionalities with the wiki, such as tagging, AJAX, social exchange, trackbacks, API, visual editor... Change to way we use Internet by using Wiking!
  8. No Screenshot
    2244 total visits
    GalaxyFighters is a PHP4, mysql and ajax ScFI-Borweser game.Requirements: - PHP4- Mysql Server - 14 Mb Space
  9. Radria
    2131 total visits
    Radria (Rapid Development of Rich Internet Applications) is a collection of RAD tools, 100% web based, to build web applications faster. WYSIWYG, Drag, drop, PHP and Javascript reusable, components to build Ajax and Database driven web app or mashup
  10. No Screenshot
    2031 total visits
    Rico - Rich Ajax Framework is a JavaScript library for creating rich internet applications. It is based on Prototype, it includes grids, calendar & tree controls, drag & drop, and cinematic effects. Its object-oriented framework makes it easy to add richness to your web application.
  11. Rogozhka ajax chat
    2054 total visits
    Ajax Easy Customizable Web Chat, shows messages w/o reloading page. PHP, MySQL and Javascript driven. Current is pre-Alpha working demo You can easily change the look.Features in plan for Rogozhka ajax chat: - private chat rooms, - user registration, - context menu moderation.
  12. No Screenshot
    2564 total visits
    DotK WebGame Engine is a Web-Based Role Playing Engine (for Web Game RPG). Client implemented with Javascript, Ajax, DOM and DHTML. On server, PHP and database (FireBird or MySQL). Ajax is used to communicate client to server.
  13. No Screenshot
    1987 total visits
    Mahfel is a web based ajax powered Mawln Jall-ad-Dn Muhammad Rm's Masnavi-ye Manavi.
  14. No Screenshot
    1601 total visits
    SoftX PHP web framework aka WebSuit is a simple but advanced PHP framework to build websites in minutes. Fully text file driven configuration.Using AJAX and many advanced features. Very very simple to configure. No programming knowledge required! Complete database abstraction.
  15. Scow
    1873 total visits
    Scow (Simple Chat On Web) offers the simpliest solution to add IM fonctionnality to website. Scow is a web-based chat written in PHP, with Ajax functionnality (but not required).
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