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  1. AJAX Chat - Open Source Web Chat
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    AJAX Chat is a fully customizable web chat implemented in JavaScript, PHP and MySQL which integrates nicely with common forum systems like phpBB, MyBB, PunBB, SMF and vBulletin. A Flash and Ruby based socket connection can be used to boost performance.
  2. PHPulse
    1974 total visits
    PHPulse is the FASTEST PHP based MVC framework in the world! It is built to be EXTREMELY lightweight and fast with a modular development environment allowing for quick plug-n-play functionality to be added merely by dropping in extra modules. Most other frameworks attempt to try to do everything at once but PHPulse allows you to build or import the modules ...
  3. Gemibloo
    1491 total visits
    Gemibloo is a fully open and very extensible Geo Micro blogging platform. Thanks to its import and export plugins, Geolocation is extracted from pictures sent by mail from mobile phones, displayed on a map, and used to update Twitter & Fire Eagle.
  4. Mad File Manager for TinyMCE
    2494 total visits
    Mad File Manager for TinyMCE, tinyMCE 3 ajax file manager plugin. Written in PHP.The project supports image manipulation on the fly, and can be used as standalone file manager for your content management system.
  5. No Screenshot
    1818 total visits
    Pnyx est une application Web (PHP/MySQL) d'lections virtuelles conue pour des lves du primaire et du secondaire, dans lequel ils sont amens faire des propositions en ligne et voter pour leur favorite, sous la supervision d'un enseignant.
  6. ARIZA - Bug/Request Tracking Tool
    2122 total visits
    ARIZA is a bug/request tracking tool coded with PHP in an AJAX approach. It works with favorite DBMS such as PostgreSQL and MySQL. It is being distributed under GPL licence. It is free (as in beer) and free (as in speech) and open source.Features of ARIZA - Bug/Request Tracking Tool:- Multi language support- Theme support with Smarty- Multi platform support ...
  7. No Screenshot
    2157 total visits
    Quasi CMS is a CMS based on the QCodo framework. It uses AJAX when possible and has a native ecommerce system. Layout is div based and themes/styles are achieved with CSS. It is designed to be a highly flexible and extensible.
  8. JaxBlog
    1705 total visits
    With the project: JaxBlog, your average lightweight PHP blog application made easy thanks to a robust group of Ajax plugins - Ajax file browser, Ajax sortable tables, etc. Basis for organization is creating a tree hierarchy of pages, then writing and attaching stories to the pages.
  9. MyNotebook
    2556 total visits
    MyNotebook is a web-based notebook which lets you organize notes. It's based on PHP, MYSQL and AJAX. You can add, edit, remove, search and filter your personal notes by tags.
  10. Yana Framework for PHP
    2170 total visits
    Yana Framework for PHP is a development platform for applications written in PHP/AJAX/SQL. It offers support for multiple DBMS, skins, plugins and languages to create versatile software product families. Features of Yana Framework for PHP:- suitable for building product families (Product Family Engineering)- supported database systems: MySQL, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2, Oracle DB (Oci), MS SQL-Server, text files- code generator creates ...
  11. Monast - Asterisk Monitor
    2566 total visits
    Monast (Asterisk Monitor) is a HTML interface that acts a operator pannel for asterisk to display user/peer status and calls. This uses a reverse AJAX, PHP and Python to originate, transfer and hangup calls, manage queues and meetme rooms.
  12. No Screenshot
    2186 total visits
    AjaxRPG is a Joomla component for the development of web-based RPG. Il includes a Java client to be more immersive. AjaxRPG is now Joomla 1.5 native.
  13. No Screenshot
    1909 total visits
    AjaxCore is an open source PHP framework that aims the ease development of rich AJAX applications. The project uses Prototypes JavaScript standard library as the core for making the AJAX requests, as its proven to be reliable on any browser.
  14. FiForms Framework
    2231 total visits
    The FiForms Framework is an Application Development Framework for building web-database applications in XML, powered by MySQL and PHP. AJAX-enhanced forms, sub-forms, custom reports, and dynamically generated menus create a seamless user experience. The FiForms Framework enables developers to build web/database applications rapidly in XML. Using FiForms XML Application Markup, a developer can build a complete database application without writing ...
  15. Network Managment / Inventory System
    4150 total visits
    PHP front end to RRDTool, networking inventory system, network management system utilizing AJAX and MySQL for search/database functions. ClearSite helps alleviate administration, by constantly updating and discovering data on its own! ClearSite has been developed and tested extensively with Cisco networking equipment, as well various PC/Server manufacturers and Operating Systems. Note:The current release is for Linux onlyFeatures of ClearSite:- Windows ...
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