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  1. SimplePie
    2847 total visits
    SimplePie is a PHP library for parsing syndication feeds and can be used with Atom and RSS feeds the same. Flexible enough to suit beginners and veterans alike, SimplePie is focused on speed, ease of use, compatibility and standards compliance. SimplePie is very well documented with a complete API reference, tutorials and screencasts. Requirements:- PHP 5.1.4 or Higher- PCRE support- ...
  2. Feed on Feeds
    1147 total visits
    Feed on Feeds, your server side, multi-user Atom and RSS aggregator. Feed on Feeds tells that why a server side aggregator is better than a desktop aggregator. It keeps track of what items you've read, and keeps happily checking up on your feeds no matter where you are. Whenever you want to see what's new, you just bring up a ...
  3. MagpieRSS
    2641 total visits
    MagpieRSS is a simple PHP RSS aggregator tool for parsing RSS 1.0 with a naive and inclusive approach. Absolutely non-validating, as long as the RSS feed is well formed, Magpie will cheerfully parse new, and never before seen tags in your RSS feeds. This free PHP project support the varied versions of RSS simply, but forces the consumer of a ...
  4. Lilina
    2976 total visits
    Lilina is an open source and simple RSS aggregator written in PHP. This project features for easy to add feeds, especially for beginners. It supports RSS and Atom, the standards for syndication and can import from OPML, the standard for feed sharing. It is powered by 2 awesome PHP libraries, HTML Purifier and SimplePie.Features of Lilina News Aggregator:- Quick and ...
  5. No Screenshot
    3049 total visits
    RSS Reader using PHP, AJAX, & XML is an easy to use, and easy to configure RSS reader. Uses PHP and AJAX to get and parse the feeds, and uses XML to configure which feeds to show. Easily configurable to include in another page with CSS. What's New in This Release Version 1.2 RSS Reader using PHP, AJAX, & XML:- ...
  6. Feedory
    2235 total visits
    Feedory is a self-hosted personal feed memory. It works as a buffering online proxy adapter for your local feed subscriptions (not an online news reader). This PHP Aggregator project is just an online-adapter for your subscriptions, residing online, never missing any of the publications of new feed items and never deciding on its own, when some older items should be ...
  7. Rnews RSS/Atom web aggregator
    2893 total visits
    Rnews RSS/Atom web aggregator, a server-side web-based AJAX-enabled RSS/Atom feed aggregator/news tracking tool. The project can host on Windows/Linux/BSD/MacOSX and browse on IE6/IE7/Firefox/Safari/Chrome/et al. A server-side RSS aggregator is:- Easy. You interact with the aggregator with your web browser, where you're going to be reading your news anyway.- Accessible. Read news from anywhere you have a net connection, whether work, ...
  8. No Screenshot
    2552 total visits
    Pheeder is a PHP5 RSS feed generator. It implements the complete RSS 2.0 specification and is extremely easy to use. It also features extensiave documentation.
  9. Gregarius
    2432 total visits
    Gregarius is a Web-based RSS/RDF/ATOM news aggregator, which features for OPML import/export, XHTML/CSS output and an AJAX-based item tagging system. This RSS aggregator project is designed to create a number of web pages that you could visit, containing a combined list of sites and blos that you're interesed in, ordered from newest to oldest. Gregarius comes with a neat interface, ...
  10. LeafRSS
    2061 total visits
    LeafRSS is designed to be a low-maintenance, learning RSS aggregator, with the ability to publish the aggregated results either in a standalone website, an rss feed for news readers, or as an embedded template within an existing site.This project is created to filter out articles by topic in a way similar to spam filtering. It will start gathering articles from ...
  11. MonkeyChow
    2653 total visits
    MonkeyChow is a RSS Aggregator tool for feeds Reader (branched from FeedOnFeeds) with Social Bookmarks (del.icio.us, Blogger, Newsvine, Technorati, mailto), Article Starring, Feed Tagging, OPML, Article Search, Reblogging and Refeeding, Aging, and Edit feed attributes.Requirements:- PHP 4.0 or Higher- mySQL 4.1 or Higher
  12. Zort
    1406 total visits
    Zort is another web-based Atom/RSS Aggregator project written in PHP, aimed to provide users who want a minimalistic RSS/Atom system without the added complexity that most other aggregators provide. It features for minimal interface, everthing just presented on on page, clean-looking CSS and Javascript to hide/show whatever feeds you want to view at the time, and also the usual caching, ...
  13. News Manager - RSS aggregator
    3330 total visits
    News Manager - RSS aggregator is created to display content of RSS-feeds from various sites you choose. It is a web-based application which syndicates or distributes a collection of news items, thereby acting as a single source of information. One can categorise feeds and/or items and regenerate RSS-feeds for these categories. There is a front end to display the news ...
  14. No Screenshot
    2042 total visits
    RSS Framework for PHP helps you create a RSS 2.0 feeds via a simple and easy to use class library. The classes in the library represent those elements of an RSS feed, that either contain child nodes or have attributes to them. Furthermode, each class features class attributes, that represent text nodes of an RSS feed node.To create an RSS ...
  15. No Screenshot
    1875 total visits
    Mantra is a centralized, web-based Usenet news reader written in PHP. PostgreSQL used in this PHP RSS aggregator tool to store database. It features for SQL, NIS and LDAP users support, article scoring, RDF/RSS, usage statistics, online logs, and more.
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