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    XpressEngine is a professional PHP CMS for building highly complex websites. XpressEngine is a PHP script that allows beginners and advanced programmers alike to organize a site's content using a visual admin interface. The CMS has a very powerful core, supporting a wide variety of features for easier content management and user administration. Features of XpressEngine:- Installation wizard- Multi-user system- ...
  2. STPIAdmin
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    STPIAdmin is a web Content Management System (CMS) using PHP, MySQL, AJAX and XHTML. Maintain a web site in as many Languages as you want. Full multilingual capabilities for both public and private sections of web sites.The administration section allows you to add news, messages, links, events in addition to managing the inventory of an online store (item types, categories ...
  3. Chive
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    Chive is a PHP web-based database administration interface for MySQL. It's like phpMyAdmin, but with a much lighter and faster interface. Features of Chive:- Rich user interface- Keyboard focused workflow for fast search and navigation- Inline editing everywhere- Syntax editors with colored accentuation- Repeated administration of SQL queries- Analyze and optimize queries with Profiling What's New in This Version:- __DIR__ ...
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    GINO CMS is a content management framework for quickly building a PHP-driven website. It provides all the tools to setup a live website, with administration tools and useful content administration functions. Installation instructions are provided with the download package. Limitations:- Code comments and instructions are in Italian, but nothing that Google Translate can't handle. What's New in This Version:- New ...
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    Open Audit is a Computer Hardware and Software Audit, and Network Detection system. Based around wmi, vbscript, bash, mysql & php.Open-AudIT is an application to tell you exactly what is on your network, how it is configured and when it changes.The entire application is written in php, bash and vbscript. These are all "scripting" languages - no compiling and human ...
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    Web Application Gateway (WAG) provides core functionality, such as user definition, authentication and administration, for web applications developed as modules and utilizing the API exposed by WAG. Core technologies are PHP, MySQL and JavaScript.
  7. AdminMySybase
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    AdminMySybase is a tool written in PHP for the administration of SyBase over the Web. Create/Browse/Edit/Remove databases, tables, rows in sybase all through PHP.
  8. Information Resource Manager
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    Information Resource Manager is a Web-based asset tracking and trouble ticketing system built for IT departments and helpdesks. It keeps detailed information on both hardware and software, including each computer and network device in your organization.Features of Information Resource Manager:- Detailed tracking of computers, searchable by all fields- Software tracking (installed copies, licensing)- Trouble ticket system ("tracking") with priorities, assign ...
  9. RaspBerry
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    RaspBerry+ is a web-based administration platform for Blackberry Enterprise Server for MS Exchange (BES). You can group-based activate/kill/delete/add and get status of users, their handhelds and services. With a little download-area and a comment-system
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    AModules3 library is aimed to help development of administration systems, web pages, web portals, web systems and other web applications. It provides a flexible and extendable framework to simplify application development and maintenance.
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    WWW-ADMIN is a set of tools (ftp,sql clients and etc), which helps You to administrate your web pages. It is multi-platform, also it supports many users. Requirements: - PHP - MySQL
  12. MySQL-Admin
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    MySQL-Admin is a simple PHP based administration tool for mysql databases. MySQL-Admin is easy to handle and provides a wide range of functions, like functions to edit datasets, table structure, tables, to import or export content, ...
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    ORS (On-line Resource Scheduler) is a full featured web interface for scheduling resources (aircraft, boats, rooms, time-shares) by members of an organization. It provides a graphical interface, e-mail notification of changes and account administration.
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    NaWui stands for Nagios Administration Web User Interface. It is a Web frontend written in PHP to manage Nagios configurations and Database records. Database connectivity is supported using plugins, which simplifies the way records are stored.
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    PhpProMembers is a top website management system built for serious webmasters. PhpProMembers was built for easy administration in mind so you can do other things. Basically all you do is set it up and collect the membership dues.
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