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    PHP MySQL Address Book possesses almost all features of Outlook contacts, with different views, profile pics search etc implemented using php + MySQL. The project is designed for those who migrates contacts from outlook to MySQL.
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    This is a PHP addressbook web application to store contact details of employees/customers in utf8 format on an intranet or website. The Address Book Reloaded features for Google Maps, distributed management, PDF address books, plugins, styles.
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    Contact list grabber is written in PHP used to import address books (Contact List) from Gmail, Yahoo!, Lycos, AOL, and MSN Messenger contacts.
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    The idea of Online Webmailer, Calendar, Addressbook is to dispatch the problem to synchronize your private data such like calendar, addresses and emails.You can configure a lot of mail accounts. So you are PC- and platform independent. You only have to copy the project to your webspace.
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    Gsys (pronounced "Jesus") aims to be a complete management system for Greek organizations (fraternity/sorority). It is coded from the perspective of a chapter treasurer with plans to address user management, financial, and PR concerns.
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    WebAddressBook is an addressbook written in PHP. It uses ADOdb as databse abstraction layer, at the moment only MySQL is supported, others may work as well. It has many import and export functions like Microsoft WAB, VCF, CSV, XML, white listsr.
  7. The Family Address Book
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    TFAB is a web-based shared address book. Integrated with your default email client, sending emails from TFAB is a snap. TFAB displays natively in MS Outlook and is platform independent.
  8. The Address Book
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    The Address Book is a free, open source address management system, utilizing the combined power of PHP scripting and MySQL databases to provide a flexible, robust system allowing users to add a virtually unlimited number of addresses and other info.Key Features of The Address Book:- Utilizes the combined power of PHP scripting and MySQL databases- Flexible, robust system allows you ...
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    WebArchive is a framework to build a personalized contents manager. A content is a collection of coherent information as the cards of an address book, the items of a newspaper or the products of a catalog.
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    LDAP contact manager is dual purpose, serving as a contact management interface for centralising the contents of personal address books, as well as providing a modular web messaging interface.
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    MyPhPim is A Multi-User, Personal Information Manager, including email client, addressbook, notes, todo and calendar, Written In PHP.
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    Akasha is a php/MySQL based webmail program. Currently only supports pop3, IMAP is in the works. Has a notebook, a favorites organizer and an addressbook.
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