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  1. Openmailadmin
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    Openmailadmin is the IMAP mail server daemon administration frontend, which supports all features provided by IMAP and fits in most MTA configurations. The non-standard, generic administration hierarchy is believed to be the highlighted feature of Openmailadmin, which not only seperates "normal users" from "administrators", but enables the mailserver-master to create instances between them.With Openmailadmin, you will be able to let ...
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    With ACL-Browser, ACL-Browser, you can view, set and search acl's via a Web-Browser of your choice confortable.The ACL-Browser also offers some documentation and filter options. You can backup (.acl) and export ACL\'s (.cvs/.pdf). Additional features will follow.
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    PippoAcl is an implementation of cakephp acl, a simple but powerful Acl/Auth plugin.
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