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    Sound PHP Engine (s-p-e) is a script written in PHP and uses MySQL. With s-p-e you can publish news, articles and bulletins; comment them, have access to their printer-friendly version. A kind of a search engine is also implemented inside s-p-e. Features of Sound PHP Engine:- it is free (as in freedom) software;- it uses only sessions and NO client-side ...
  2. Php simple acces data mysql
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    Php simple acces data mysql allows the automatic generation of class giving access simplified to the data. The data base must be of MySql type.Utilisé dans un projet PHP, cet outil vous permettra de gagner un temps précieux lors de vos développements.Une fois votre projet créé, vous définissez les relations existantes entres les différentes tables puis le Framework s’occupe du ...
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    Policyd is a multi-platform policy server for popular MTAs.Features of Policyd:- detailed policy and group specification, - access control, - helo checks (helo randomization prevention and RFC compliance), - SPF, - greylisting, - quotas, - amavisd-new integration.
  4. Svn-access-manager
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    SVN Access Manager is a powerful tool for managing access to subversion repositories. The tool provides user and group management and access rights (read/write) to dedicated paths in a repository as well.
  5. Distributed Generic Info Retrieval
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    Distributed Generic Information Retrieval (DiGIR) - developing and testing a protocol for single point access to distributed data sources. Based on HTTP, XML, and UDDI.
  6. Modularized Information Environment
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    Modularized Information Environment is a web-based open-source system for displaying and controlling access to information.The project Modularized Information Environment supports multiple users and has a role-based method of controlling access to all the pages, scripts, and gadgets that make up the system.
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    Outreach Project Tool is a PHP web-based generic project development virtual common place offering easy access to project information such as tasks, requests, e-mail, trouble tickets, documents plus a couple of other features. Uses LAMP [plus experimental Windows support].
  8. HypatiaDB
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    HypatiaDB, an easy to use web-based database management system. Functionally equivalent to a simplified version of Microsoft Access. Written primarily in PHP using the MySQL database engine. Supports all platforms that PHP/MySQL supports: Linux, Unix, Windows.
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    Features of Polymer:- Design matrix for permissions-based data management applications; - forms, reports, ad-hoc queries, with group-level permissions for all elements; - allows easy management of diverse access levels for users on the same system; - Extends smarty.Requirements: mysql
  10. Basebuilder
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    BaseBuilder is a database framework, like Microsoft Access or Filemaker, designed to help you build custom, web-based databases.
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    ADSI Access is meant to validate the access of an authenticated user to page a page associated with a given Windows Active directory group.The class uses Windows ADSI (Active Directory Services Interface) via COM objects to verify whether an authenticated user belongs a given groupIf the user does not belong to the group ADSI Access exits displaying an access error ...
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