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  1. Virtual Learning Commons
    1967 total visits
    The Virtual Learning Commons software combines a web based content management system, academic tools and social networking to create a website. It can be used by groups to create web based content within an integrated social networking environment.
  2. GroupWiki
    1732 total visits
    GroupWiki - a self contained community wiki built upon GroupWikiBase with an academic focus.GroupWikiBase - a web-based platform/database independent application (written in PHP) that is a modifed version of Mediawiki.
  3. No Screenshot
    1841 total visits
    Cynus is a Content Magement System aimed to provide academic establishments with a means of simple yet elegant website generation. Its modular design and unique plugin repository system make extending features and upgrading simple.
  4. No Screenshot
    1833 total visits
    PC Chair is a system developed to manage academic conference paper submissions and the review process that leads to acceptance/rejection of research papers.
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