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  1. Tellmatic - the newslettermachine
    4690 total visits
    Tellmatic is a php newsletter script based on MySQL to create, manage and send personalized newsletters or mass mails. Tellmatic can track newsletters by adding a small image or your own logo to the newsletter text. Views and clicks on links in a PHP newsletter which is sent as HTML are detected and get counted.The PHP project uses WYSIWYG and ...
  2. Open source classifieds (osclass)
    4677 total visits
    OSClass is a classified ads publishing platform and build to resemble WordPress as much as possible, it provides many of its features and interactivity as well. Features of OSClass:- Graphic automated installer- Admin panel- General ads or specialized through modules- Easy classifieds installation compatible with private/dedicated or shared hosting- Lots of customization options (languages, themes, plugins)- Search engine friendly, sitemap.xml ...
  3. Phpbb-Auction
    4644 total visits
    Phpbb-Auction is a free and open source PHP auction project designed to be used as an add-on for the phpBB community software. It has been programmed style and language independent to run on every PHPBB-Board project with any language.Feafures of Phpbb-Auction:- Search: items; quickview-number; user; unbidded. - General config: Currency; Min/Max amounts; Pricing-Model; Offer-Fields.- Payment-Systems: Paypal; Moneybooker; User Points.- Image-Config: ...
  4. No Screenshot
    4643 total visits
    PhpInv is a highly configurable but small inventory script written in PHP with mySQL backend.Some Features of PhpInv: - unlimited categories, - unlimited depth of sub-categories,- customizable columns per category, - admin control panel, - templates and search avail.
  5. Network Management Center
    4617 total visits
    Network Management Center is a free online PHP network management tool, every detail could be tracked and monitored by entering each network device. The features of having this information accessible simplifies the process of troubleshooting a network.With this web-based network management tool, in which multi permission levels allow complete control over the system, your network will keep organized and under ...
  6. WaypointHR
    4584 total visits
    WaypointHR is an HR database for managing employee records and personnel information. MySQL is used for the database and PHP (4 or 5) is used for the web browser based interface. Ease of use and effective management reports are key design goals.
  7. XOOPS
    4560 total visits
    XOOPS is a free OpenSource PHP CMS project and Web Application Platform written in PHP for the MySQL database. It is object orientation makes it an ideal tool for developing small or large community websites, intra company and corporate portals, weblogs and much more.Features of XOOPS:- Database-driven: XOOPS uses relational databases (currently MySQL) to store data required for running a ...
  8. Vtiger CRM
    4545 total visits
    The vtiger CRM is a free and Open Source CRM software, which provides a complete integration between pre-sales, post-sales, procurement, fulfillment, and other business processes within your organization.Features of vtiger CRM:- Sales Force Automation:vtiger CRM provides Lead Management, Opportunity Management, Account & Contact Management, Reports & Dashboards specifically useful for your organization's sales team. You can also use other sales ...
  9. AtMail
    4544 total visits
    AtMail is a free and open source PHP webmail client created to provide a elegant Ajax webmail client for existing IMAP mailservers with less bloat, focus on an intuitive and simple user interface. This lightweight and powerful webmail client can be installed on a variety of platforms with ease and without the hassless that most webmail platforms impart.Features of AtMail ...
  10. PHP Freelancers
    4526 total visits
    PHP Freelancers allows anyone to run a professional site like only large companies could. How this PHP auction project fulfills its function? People looking for freelance work ("providers") signup, and companies ("buyers") looking for professionals post their projects on your site. Providers bid on the projects, the buyer picks the bid he likes, and the project begins. You can take ...
  11. No Screenshot
    4503 total visits
    Football Website Management/creator is a PHP script that allows you to create a website for a football (soccer) team in order to keep track of team info and league matches. It is menu driven so no HTML or programing knowledge is required. It allows you to add teams in your division, add players to your squad, assign roles to each ...
  12. IDCMS Inventory
    4494 total visits
    IDCMS Inventory is a web based intranet application for storing inventory and analysis on how much inventory are spend on each department and management of the inventory as loan and maintainance.
  13. Web Auction
    4483 total visits
    Web Auction is a simple PHP auction project designed for organizations or individuals who want to hold an auction. You can either host the auction on your own web server or set up your own auction on your servers for free. You have full control over your auction. It is not like Ebay in the sense that only admins can ...
  14. TaskFreak - Time Tracking
    4474 total visits
    TaskFreak -Time Tracking is an open source PHP project management web application. It is created especially for those who need to plan their task and keep track of the time spent on each project. Advantages of TaskFreak -Time Tracking:- Extremely fast and simple- Quick entry form (can create multi tasks in one go)- Mobile devices friendly (beta)Requirements:- a web server ...
  15. No Screenshot
    4469 total visits
    Crown of Evanion is a PHP web game, in which you are allowed to raise your very own baby dragon, and then go on an epic journey to become the king of Evanion. Battle other players, trade items, horde wealth, and become the most powerful entity in all the land.When a user registers, they are granted one Dragon Egg, 40 ...
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