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    Mugatiya is a PHP IP:Port proxy server. For most cases it works like a proper proxy such as Squid or Apache. To accommodate HTTPS, this proxy has to do a URL rewrite.This proxy can be used for affiliate advertising and has an in built Turing Test supplied by recaptcha.com to keep SEO bots away. It also checks POST requests for ...
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    Rincewind is a PHP framework for adding basic functionality to a Web project。Rincewind is organized around Dao, the framework's core, on which extra utilities are added for new features. The Dao can be used as a stand-alone and has support for working with MySQL and PostgreSQL databases, along with XML and JSON files. For usage instructions check the included documentation ...
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    OpenSupports is an open source support ticket system. It’s a program you can use to manage the consults/questions/suggestions/etc. (tickets) of your customers.You can use a registration system where each user has an account to make his tickets. This is optional, so you can disable the registration and use OpenSupports for exclusive clients or use it in other place. You can ...
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    Fitzgerald is a tiny PHP framework and tries to port Sinatra to PHP. Requirements:- PHP 5 or Higher Limitations:- Still under development, but the basic principles are there and working. What's New in This Version:- Enabled support PUT and DELETE method request and charset header, and other changes.- Avoid NOTICE errors on redirect.
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    pH7 Maintenance module allows you to set your site in maintenance mode. The module is easy to use!How to install it:Upload all directories from the zip archive into your Dolphin site.Go to => Administration Panel => Tools ==> Modules and install the Maintenance moduleEdit ~/inc/design.inc.php and add the below code to the beginning of the filerquire_once(BX_DIRECTORY_PATH_ROOT . 'modules/pH7/maintenance/init.inc.php'); // pH7 ...
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    You can create questionnaires with scores attached to questions and then see the participants’ scores and their relevant performance against the average of all participants. Skills evaluator automatically ranks participants based on your questions assigned points.Questions can be: Yes-No, Numeric Range, Correct Answer, Multiple Choice Single Answer, Multiple choice Multiple Answers, Free Text Questions and have negative or positive scores. ...
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    Ant Helpdesk is a web based open-source helpdesk system designed to share your files and requests over the web. Ant Helpdesk lets you create requests , upload files , write replies and much more...Web server requirements:- PHP5 or later- MYSQL5 or laterWeb client browser requirements:- Firefox- MS Internet Exploler- Google Chrome- Opera
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    A lightweight PHP library for integrating the ElasticSearch Java-based search engine in PHP applications, services and websites.ElasticSearch is a distributed RESTful Java search engine with support for real-time search analytics, built specifically for cloud computing infrastructures. ElasticSearch is based on Apache Lucene.Elastica sets up a basic interface for searching and indexing content inside PHP-based projects using the aforementioned ElasticSearch search ...
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    Fast Edit is a flat file,PHP web page editor CMS. Edit multiple web page snippets using Fast Edit BE (Snippet Manager). Edit and save content snippets for your web pages with a WYSIWYG editor. Have as many content snippets, on as many web pages as you like (multiple regions per page). It doesn't matter what page, whether it's on the ...
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    A new generation PHP & MySQL Content Management System (CMS), packed with lots of default modules, including a powerful online store.Microweber is one of those CMSs that you can tell they were created recently, because there are no remnant features from older versions, no out-dated functionality and no modules that look out of place in 2005, let alone 2010+.It boasts ...
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    Our PHP Guestbook Script allows visitors to your website to leave a message via an HTML form. Guestbook posts can be edited, deleted, commented on and/or approved (optional) in the admin center! - User-friendly configuration via the admin center - Very easy installation! - E-mail notification (on/off) - Edit, delete, add comments - Moderation mode / approval function (on/off) - ...
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    PH7Xsl is a simple but effective and powerful template engine running PHP with XSLT (Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations). With XSLT syntax, your template code and may be portable to virtually any programming language. It also allows for the separation of PHP code and template code to have a much more professional software and template much more clean and clear! ;-)
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    RedKite CMS is an Open Source Content Management System built on top of Symfony2 and Twitter-Bootstrap frameworks. You will be able to manage the content of your website inline, using an awesome interface designed to increase the quality of the user experience. You are not required to have technical skills on web programming to build an awesome website using this ...
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