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    Artise is a modern PHP framework can be used to create web application. It is made from 5 code components and 2 design components. It provides a simplified environment for picking the site structure and behavior needed for a project and just getting to work on the content.Features of Artise:Design components:- Layout- PaletteCode components:- Router- Action- Render- Painter- PluginRequirements:- PHP ...
  2. ToroPHP
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    This is a tiny PHP framework for quickly prototyping and building web applications. The framework is very light, being only 5kb.Features of ToroPHP:- Toro Hooks (there are 4 possible hooks (callbacks)):- before_request- before_handler- after_handler- after_request
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    This is a minimalistic content management system. Can be used to manage small to medium websites, but not bigger, being still in development.Here are some key features of "AneCMS":- Very easy to use.- Pages- Multi-language- Blog- Image Gallery- Contact Us Page- Forum- Modules- Themes- Anti spam with Akismet- Tweet new articles- Categories- RSS per category or entire blogLimitations:- It installs ...
  4. meetup_api
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    This is a PHP client for the Meetup.com API which allows easy methods to call API queries for meetup.com data from inside PHP apps.Features of meetup_api:- Locations- Event details- Groups- Get comments- Manage time zones and details, etcRequirements:- Meetup.com API credentialsWhat's New in This Version:- Previously, MeetupAPIBase:setPageSize would not allow page sizes of 0.
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    This is a PHP communication tools script to connect and retrieve IM statuses from the Jabber-driven Jabbim service, which can retrieve and display the status of an user's account.Features of Jabbim-Status:The status can be shown as:- A full XHTML version- An image version (extra status is not included — clear background prefered)- An icon version- A text versionRequirements:- PHP 5 ...
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    Radium is a PHP framework for developing web apps. The Radium framework can be used when developing PHP projects that need to cover a multitude of features without bloating the code base. Radium allows developers to reuse code, while also being able to combine features to create new modules for their apps. The framework supports database interactions, error handling, a ...
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    Pf4wp is a framework for developing WordPress plugins which is a set of basic tools for starting your own WP plugin. The framework either simplifies or deals (for the developer) with all the under the hood plugin code, including stuff like deprecated functions, roles, capabilities, actions, filters, etc.. It is actually structured and inspired by the Symfony 2.x PHP framework. ...
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    This is a framework for converting PHP code to JavaScript. Harmony allows to run PHP-like code on the client's side. It uses MooTools to support object orientated porgramming and php.js to handle PHP functions in JavaScript. Also includes Harmony XML(Flex MXML-like language) and Harmony Tookit with ready to use components. Inspired by GWT.Requirements:- JavaScript enabled on client side.
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    Archetype is an MVChttp://www.phpkode.com/site/ framework for PHP. It created especially for developing Web applications, Archetype has a simple, yet flexible architecture for easy app development and deployment. The framework comes with lots of instructions and an automatic installer. Requirements:- PHP 5.1 or Higher- mod_rewrite enabled, or something similar
  10. fluf
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    fluf is a simple PHP micro-framework for the Web. Using fluf is recommended for small to medium PHP-based Web applications. fluf sets up a basic application structure on which features and content can be added. It provides a set of well-written PHP functions to use when developing with PHP. Features of fluf:- Extreme lightweight size- Integrated routing system- Cookies management- ...
  11. Loci
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    Loci is a PHP and JSON based template engine. Loci takes the content of JSON files and inserts it in special tags inside PHP files. This operation is called templating and is currently used on a large scale in most programming languages in creating and outputting dynamic Web content. Requirements:- PHP 5.4 or Higher
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    Snape is a PHP tool consisting of two scripts, Snare and Ape: Snare transparently fuses languages (XML/Ape files) with PHP or Smarty templates while.Ape provides substitution capabilities being an XML/SimpleXML extension.
  13. Jamroom
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    The Jamroom 5 Core is an Open Source (MPL) platform designed to be easy to use, easy to customize and easy to develop.Jamroom is a fun and powerful platform for building profile powered web communities quickly and easily.
  14. Pronamic Framework
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    This is a WordPress Framework which adds some extra functions to the WP core. Extends WordPress's admin interface with extra functions, widgets, blocks, etc.The first thing the user will notice are blocks, similar in functionality with Drupal'a blocks.Requirements:- Wordpress 3 or HigherWhat's New in This Version:- Fixed issue with WPML and Pronamic Block widget. Installation:- Unpack and upload it to ...
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    WiGit is a simple wiki system written in PHP. It uses Git repositories to store a page's content and tracking changes via commits. Features of WiGit:- Very simple and light- Easily customizable using themes- Extensive syntax for marking up text (using Textile)- Full history tracking support- Basic support for users/authors, by using the HTTP authentication headers to extract the user.- ...
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