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    ko is a small, yet powerful, PHP MVC framework. MVC stands for model-view-controller, a development and programming pattern that separates code inside an application based on its purpose. ko implements this principle for the PHP language, allowing developers to organize and maintain their code in a much easier manner. The ko framework can be used in developing small, medium and ...
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    This is an OOP-based PHP framework which allows application development in an OOP manner, similar to the way C# ASP.NET and Java developers write their code.Features of phpRaise:- Easier and gentle learning curve for new and transiting developers- High compatibility across platforms- Strict Object-Oriented Development Platform- Component based framework with flexibility, high encapsulation and re-usability you need- Rigorously tested with ...
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    Apache log4php is a Logging framework for PHP, a part of the Apache Logging Services. It is still a part of the Apache Incubator, but offers reliable services. Features of Apache log4php:- Configuration through xml and properties file (same structure as log4j).- File, RollingFile, DailyFile, Echo, Console, Mail, PDO, PHP error, Syslog or NT events and Socket appenders.- Simple, TTCC, ...
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    ASCore is a framework for developing PHP-based applications. It was developed out of the need of cutting development costs and time by having a base tool from which new apps can be built with ease, but without being too specific or with a narrowed activity scope. ASCore was developed back in 2007 and allows developers to create any kind of ...
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    php-varnish is a PHP library for the Varnish caching system. The php-varnish package contains a PHP script and WordPress plugin allowing PHP developers to work with the Varnish caching and HTTP acceleration system. Programmers can use php-varnish for several operations:- interact with the Varnish admin- check the health of cache files- purge the cache
  6. Halo
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    Halo is a Web application framework for PHP. Halo is built on top of Substrate, and Inversion of Control/Dependency Injection Container(IoC/DI) for PHP. Halo was inspired by aspectss of Spring MVC.
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    LeiPHP is a lightweight framework for simplistic PHP apps. It is contained in one single PHP file. It works based on a config file and is perfect for small to medium PHP-powered projects. Features of LeiPHP:- Supports database interaction- Support for file uploads- Debugging tools- File dependency management- Template engine- REST-based routing- Easy to initialize Limitations:- Comments and documentation are ...
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    This is a server-side library to use with the FirePHP browser add-on. The script implements the specific FirePHP protocol, allowing the browser add-on to communicate with a specific server.FirePHPCore wrappers exist for Agavi, BIGACE, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Drupal, ExpressionEngine, eZ, Joomla, Kohana, Nette Framework, PEAR, PRADO, Probus, Project Zero, REDAXO, Seagull, Smarty, Solar, Symfony, TYPO3, Wordpress, ZenMagick, Zend Framework and many ...
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    Artise is a modern PHP framework can be used to create web application. It is made from 5 code components and 2 design components. It provides a simplified environment for picking the site structure and behavior needed for a project and just getting to work on the content.Features of Artise:Design components:- Layout- PaletteCode components:- Router- Action- Render- Painter- PluginRequirements:- PHP ...
  10. ToroPHP
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    This is a tiny PHP framework for quickly prototyping and building web applications. The framework is very light, being only 5kb.Features of ToroPHP:- Toro Hooks (there are 4 possible hooks (callbacks)):- before_request- before_handler- after_handler- after_request
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    This is a minimalistic content management system. Can be used to manage small to medium websites, but not bigger, being still in development.Here are some key features of "AneCMS":- Very easy to use.- Pages- Multi-language- Blog- Image Gallery- Contact Us Page- Forum- Modules- Themes- Anti spam with Akismet- Tweet new articles- Categories- RSS per category or entire blogLimitations:- It installs ...
  12. meetup_api
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    This is a PHP client for the Meetup.com API which allows easy methods to call API queries for meetup.com data from inside PHP apps.Features of meetup_api:- Locations- Event details- Groups- Get comments- Manage time zones and details, etcRequirements:- Meetup.com API credentialsWhat's New in This Version:- Previously, MeetupAPIBase:setPageSize would not allow page sizes of 0.
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    This is a PHP communication tools script to connect and retrieve IM statuses from the Jabber-driven Jabbim service, which can retrieve and display the status of an user's account.Features of Jabbim-Status:The status can be shown as:- A full XHTML version- An image version (extra status is not included — clear background prefered)- An icon version- A text versionRequirements:- PHP 5 ...
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    Radium is a PHP framework for developing web apps. The Radium framework can be used when developing PHP projects that need to cover a multitude of features without bloating the code base. Radium allows developers to reuse code, while also being able to combine features to create new modules for their apps. The framework supports database interactions, error handling, a ...
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    Pf4wp is a framework for developing WordPress plugins which is a set of basic tools for starting your own WP plugin. The framework either simplifies or deals (for the developer) with all the under the hood plugin code, including stuff like deprecated functions, roles, capabilities, actions, filters, etc.. It is actually structured and inspired by the Symfony 2.x PHP framework. ...
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