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    Free Shutter Effects Image Slider gives you a special shutter effects to a image or picture. This script uses jquery that allows to present the photos / images with a camera shutter effect.
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    Hazaar MVC is a solid MVC framework for PHP, which can help developers rapidly prototype their PHP applications, getting projects off the ground in record times, with solid features nevertheless. Hazaar examples and usage instructions are included with the download package, to quickly get developers started on their own projects. Features of Hazaar MVC:- Modular design for good performance- Extensible ...
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    This is a framework for writing and running PHP unit tests. PHPUnit is considered a de-facto standard for unit testing php code. The framework returns results in an easy readable format, properly formatted for quick analysis.Requirements:- PHP 4.3 or HigherWhat's New in This Version:- Code Coverage does not work when no XML configuration file is used.
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    u5 CMS is a small and handy Content Management System based on PHP and MySQL. Specialized in displaying video content, forms and survey statistics and Google Ranking. Feel free to use it for free. Liability is excluded.
  5. Behat
    170 total visits
    Behat is a BDD framework for PHP developers. And BDD stands for "Behavior Driven Development" and is an agile software development technique. Behat was inspired by Ruby's Cucumber.Limitations:- For advanced PHP developers only.What's New in This Version:- Fixed formatter language configuration and locale guesser.
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    Simpliwiki is a simple, lightweight, mobile-friendly wiki and a continuation of the defunct W2Wiki system. As W2, Simplewiki has support for mobile devices, being initially developed for iPhone users.Features of Simpliwiki:- Compact and simple.- Short page generation execution times.- Simple, easy-to-read code.- Baked in Markdown.- [[wikipage]] syntax linking.- Simple templates.- Support reversible base60 short URLs for content.- Keep database storage ...
  7. KISS
    168 total visits
    KISS is a PHP web framework based on PHP5's OO (object oriented) model. It has inbuild ORM module, MVC, multiple DB, Caching and Ajax support.This framework is very easy to use and it will increase the time needed for your projects.
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    WinterBreath is a PHP-based content management system. It is perfect for small or personal projects, where a complex system is more of a time waster than a helpful tool. Features of WinterBreath:- Admin dashboard (based on Adminizio Lite)- User management- Page management- Menu management- Graphic installer- WYSIWYG editing- Smarty used as template engine Requirements:- PHP 5.2 or Higher What's New ...
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    Escher CMS is a PHP-based content management system for quickly building a website. Escher CMS is a small content management system that can run on top of MySQL or SQLite databases, created for the administration of small to medium websites. Escher is easy to use, and to install, allowing technical and non-technical users to easily get their website going. Features ...
  10. HAH
    167 total visits
    This is a PHP parser and renderer for a template / domain specific language similar to HAML. This project was heavily inspired by HAML. People liked the general concept but wanted to take it a little further by minimizing the number of language constructs them needed to know as well as make it easier to use in a PHP environment.And ...
  11. ServCheck
    167 total visits
    ServCheck is a PHP script checks to see if services are online on a host server and it can work with multiple hosts and services. Meanwhile, the config file is self explanatory and simple to use.Installation:- Download package, decompress and upload it to a web server.- Edit the config file with the desired serviecs to watch.- Edit the image paths ...
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    W2 is a lightweight PHP wiki system optimized for mobile devices. W2 can be used on any mobile device and developed initially for iPhone usersFeatures of W2:- Fast page generation times.- Content saved in Markdown files.- Wiki style [[URL]] linking.- Flat-file storage.- Password protected content.- Search tool.- Attachment uploading.What's New in This Version:- Support for web servers that run PHP ...
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    Peardrop CMS is a simple, easy to use flat-file PHP CMS. Peardrop CMS is a system that enables technical and non-technical users to install and setup a website within minutes. It satisfies both user categories by providing a WYSIWYG interface for easy content adding, while also enabling more advanced users access to more in-depth customization tools. Features of Peardrop CMS:- ...
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    Artiphp is a simple PHP-based content management system (CMS). Developed to automate the process of publishing a website, ArtiPHP is for creating custom site builds, unique to their own users. Programming experience and knowledge is not required with ArtiPHP, since most tasks are automated and handled via a user interface. Features of Artiphp:- Administration panel- User profiles- Easy user management- ...
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    ArgooMap is an online, map-based discussion forum, which allows participants to reference their contributions to geographic locations.Different versions of ArguMap and ArgooMap/Argoomap were developed by students supervised by Dr. Claus Rinner at Ryerson University (Toronto, Canada) with partial funding from the GEOIDE Network of Centres of Excellence and DAAD, the German Academic Exchange Service.Past and current developers at Ryerson and ...
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