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    2203 total visits
    Tuna is essentially a remake of tunez. Purpose is a web-based music cataloging, voting and playing system. Tuna extends tunez with a new web interface, exhaustive mp3 information, id3 info correction, duplicate filtering and separate moods and genres.
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    2787 total visits
    LDAP contact manager is dual purpose, serving as a contact management interface for centralising the contents of personal address books, as well as providing a modular web messaging interface.
  3. Quadrille multimedia assessment system
    2240 total visits
    Quadrille is a multimedia assignment and assessment system. It is an open platform for web-learning and e-learning. I let teachers creating, administering exercises and assingments easily, and lets students learn effectively.
  4. No Screenshot
    2246 total visits
    OSGW is a webpaged group/project management system written in PHP (and a little Perl) that provides services for people to share files and information for project development. It being designed with expandability and customizability in mind.
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    2259 total visits
    Lan Action provides a web frontend for lan party planning and management. It is completely modularized and offers a very powerful group handling. Lan Action was already used on some lans, many modules are nearly complete.
  6. HERMES PHP-Based Business Mgmt
    2510 total visits
    HERMES PHP-Based Business Mgmt, the Highly Extensible Reporting and Management Enterprise Suite.HERMES is an architecture under development for providing a php-based platform agnostic and database agnostic suite of tools for managing and reporting business resources.
  7. Online Library Application (OLA)
    3439 total visits
    OLA is a browser-based library database for organizations with a smalllibrary (from hundreds to thousands of resources) and a small client base. Features:- internet based- highly graphical- compatible with Netscape and Windows browsers- suitable for tracking many types of resources (books, magazines, videos, music, etc.)- can store a large amount of data about each resource- borrowers do not have to ...
  8. Tunez
    2326 total visits
    Tunez is an MP3/Ogg Vorbis jukebox that works with a voting system. It is ideal for LAN parties since it allows all users to have input into what is played (or streamed).
  9. No Screenshot
    2179 total visits
    CMSmelborp is a PHP content management system which is intended to be a simpler alternative to similar programs.
  10. No Screenshot
    2141 total visits
    Simple Website System is intented for people who want to have a basic website in which they can update or fill with content freely. Main goal of Simple Website System is to provide the basic features in the most user friendliest form.
  11. No Screenshot
    2015 total visits
    Display Ingenuity! Bloxx is a general-purpose fully modular Content Management System developed in PHP. Powerfull yet simple. Total modularity from code to interface.
  12. No Screenshot
    2066 total visits
    Stack's Wiki is a light weight wiki system. It uses PHP and MySQL like most sites, but also uses AJAX for content mangement. It also uses Markdown for the raw content.
  13. No Screenshot
    2260 total visits
    Extract SNMP information via PHP web interface to monitor and optionally create MRTG graphs for the following vendors:- Lucent's LSMS, - Bluecoat,- Zoom Routers, - Windows, - Allot, - Fortinet, - Cyclades, - RMON and any device that support standard MIB2 MIBS
  14. phpLabMan
    2466 total visits
    phpLabMan is collection of web applications designed for use in University environments. Applications include an equipment checkout and attendance system. This project is no longer being maintained.
  15. VampMan:  V:tR Character Manager
    2276 total visits
    VampMan: V:tR Character Manager provides modules for php-irc bot and php-nuke to run an IRC based NWoD Vampire game, with character sheets handled in php-nuke. The package shown here was previously used to run the "Vampire the Rebirth" irc setting.
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