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    XRMS CRM is a Web-based application suites that incorporates human resources management, SFA and CRM. It is an on-premise PHP CRM solution for the small to midsize company. XRMS CRM includes computer telephony integration and the ability to add plug-ins for programs such as Outlook. XRMS CRM is operating-system independent, and it is written in an interpreted language (PHP). Compatible ...
  2. LoveCMS
    2194 total visits
    LoveCMS is a small content managment system written in PHP, using MySQL as database. The main goal of LoveCMS is to be simple and effective. You don't have to read tons of documentation to start.
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    PhpShop is a simple shopping cart that is easy to customize. There are less features, but is generally easier to customize. All that is required to effectively customize phpShop is a basic knowledge of HTML, PHP, and SQL.Features of PhpShop:- Use of CSS-based themes- Easily integrated with Dreamweaver for layout design- Shopping cart per visiting shopper- Minicart visible for shoppers ...
  4. PRADO PHP Framework
    2230 total visits
    PRADO is a component-based and event-driven programming framework for developing Web applications in PHP 5.PRADO provides the following benefits for Web application developers:- reusability - Codes following the PRADO component protocol are highly reusable. Everything in PRADO is a reusable component.- ease of use - Creating and using components are extremely easy. Usually they simply involve configuring component properties.- robustness ...
  5. OpenNitro
    2154 total visits
    OpenNitro is a web based CMS and platform for building web applications.
  6. Civic Website Manager
    2250 total visits
    Civic Website Manager is an extensible website content management system, and the project is designed to more closely match the needs of government websites. This project is now hosted at Google Code.
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    BaconMap is an IT Resource Manager - Wiki program which visually maps IT resources and supports document management. Flexible and powerful! Visualize interdependent resources: "What fails when this fails?"
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    2274 total visits
    X7 Chat is free, open source, software written in PHP. The X7 Chat project was started in October of 2003 and has been providing feature rich chat rooms ever since. X7 Chat is truely free software, there are no ads or limitations.X7 Chat has a huge list of supported features and we are adding new ones all the time based ...
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    board-tnk is a single-threaded, multi-forum script based on PHP and MySQL.Features of board-tnk: - very secure check of the urls, - multi-forums, only one level thread for each forum, - cookie for tracking user info, - msmiley icons, - "simplified" html can be used within the messages. - A password protected admin page allows to create and delete forums, - ...
  10. Dompdf
    4190 total visits
    Dompdf is a free HTML to PDF Converter, which solves this problem by converting Web pages to PDF or image files. It's a simple PHP PDF program, but one that has the potential to be tremendously useful.At its heart, dompdf is (mostly) CSS 2.1 compliant HTML layout and rendering engine written in PHP. It is a style-driven renderer: it will ...
  11. BBclone
    2370 total visits
    BBClone is a web traffic analysis tool written in PHP and logs visitor details and processes them into nice looking data grids. Webmasters can so interpret these details as needed and adapt their site to their audience. Features of BBClone:- IP address stats- OS details- Information about robots- Browser type stats- Info about referring URLs- Logs all visit dates- Shows ...
  12. FluxBB
    3385 total visits
    FluxBB is a free PHP forum project which was designed as a lighter, faster alternative to some of the traditional feature heavy forum applications. It is easy to use and has a proven track record of stability and security making it an ideal choice of forum for your website.The aim of FluxBB is to produce high quality open source forum ...
  13. eZ publish CMS
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    eZ Publish is an enterprise open source web content management. Templates represent the fundamental unit of site design in eZ Publish. For example, a template might dictate that a page should appear with the site's title at the top and with the main content in the middle. When the page is accessed, the Content Management System places the content (the ...
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    Replex is an administrative tool for managing email on any Unix-like OS. It can handle multiple domains, users, mailing lists, etc. Without requiring creation of Unix user accounts for mailboxes or authentication. Based on Postfix, Cyrus, PHP and MySQL.
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    DesignWorks Project Site is a project management web application written in php and mysql. Unlike many of the other project management packages, there is an emphasis on interfacing with clients rather than being geared towards internal use.
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