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  1. Question2Answer
    3703 total visits
    Question2Answer is a social Q&A site encourages your online community to share knowledge and helps create content that is very search engine (SEO) friendly. It is an Open Souce PHP FAQ software. Question2Answer is a free PHP/MySQL solution for social Q&A sites (like Stack Overflow or Stack Exchange).Features of Question2Answer:- Five minutes (or less!) to install.- Easy styling with CSS ...
  2. php CMS
    21581 total visits
    phpCMS is a PHP content management system, which is characterized by simple system requirements, high performance, and, above all, flexibility.phpCMS is suitable for small, private websites, as well as complex, high traffic websites including the integration of web services and external applications.Admittedly - the flexibility of phpCMS makes life not always easy for HTML-beginners. But experienced web designers, who want ...
  3. ZooP Framework
    3094 total visits
    Zoop is a recursive acronym which stands for Zoop Object Oriented PHP Framework, which is created to be fast, efficient, modular and extensible. The recent proliferation of PHP MVC Frameworks were predated in this framework, it not only supports but also encourages separation of display, logic and data layers. The highlighted feature of Zoop framework should be its integrated error ...
  4. Magento
    13405 total visits
    Magento Community Edition is a new professional open-source eCommerce solution. It can create advanced stores in a few clicks, allowing the user to spend time on entering products, instead of customizing HTML code.Magento features an easy-to-use Permissions Editor. It create users for all your employees then assign them to groups, eg. "Full Admin", "Customer Service", "Warehouse". Meanwhile, creating a group ...
  5. phpBB
    6580 total visits
    phpBB is a high powered, fully scalable, and highly customizable open source bulletin board package. It is considered one of the best open source forum scripts around, being mature enough to be used without problems in any project that might need a discussion board solution. This script can be used as a support center, community page, documentation tool and for ...
  6. osCMax
    3663 total visits
    osCMax is a powerful and flexible e-commerce shopping cart software package. osCMax is a web base application that runs on a webserver, either Apache or IIS (and can run on others, but has not been tested). It requires a web server, PHP 5.x, Mysql 4.1x and up , Apache 1.3 xor 2.x. Features of osCMax:- 100% Open Source- Easy template ...
  7. DBHcms
    2293 total visits
    The DBHcms is a small free Open Source content management system for personal and small business websites. DBHcms is 100% flexible but also simple and easy to use.DBHcms is search engine optimized, also for multiple languages simultaneously by allowing the search engine bot to index every single page in each language and avoding content cloning.
  8. Caravel
    3182 total visits
    Caravel is a enterprise-level Content Management System with an intuitive user interface, designed to allow non-technical users to maintain website content. Caravel allows admins to centrally maintain thousands of sites off one code-base.You can use Caravel to manage any type of site that you like, whether it's a single page blog or a corporate site with thousands of pages. Our ...
  9. PHP on Trax
    2459 total visits
    Php On Trax (formerly Php On Rails) is a web-application and persistance framework that is based on Ruby on Rails and includes everything needed to create database-backed web-applications according to the Model-View-Control pattern of separation.This pattern splits the view (also called the presentation) into "dumb" templates that are primarily responsible for inserting pre-build data in between HTML tags. The model ...
  10. phpMSAdmin
    2514 total visits
    phpMSAdmin is designed to be a capable replacement for the proprietary Microsoft SQL Enterprise Manager and the newer Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.By using phpMSAdmin you can manage your SQL server from any web browser, hosting the software on any OS capable of running the free and open-source PHP development language.
  11. No Screenshot
    3725 total visits
    Some Chess was written in pure PHP using a MySql database as a backbone. It is multiplayer only allowing players to play together in realtime or in a correspondence style. Because it uses only PHP it is accessible even to the folks without java or javascript access. Some Chess can be set up as an invite only system (the default) ...
  12. DocBookWiki
    2701 total visits
    DocBookWiki can display DocBook documents online. Different from the other applications, which convert a DocBook document into HTML first, in order to display it online, DocBookWiki converts it on the fly, so that the format for saving the document will still be XML (DocBook). In order to do this efficiently, DocBookWiki splits it first into chunks, according to chapters, sections ...
  13. TYPO3 CMS
    2763 total visits
    TYPO3 is a free, feature rich, content management framework built with PHP, which is designed to be extended with custom written backend modules and frontend libraries for special functionality. Features of TYPO3:- Impartial to hosting systems- 50+ Localizations available- Easy templating- Flexible designs- Simple site structure- Intuitive AJAX drag & drop- Multilingual- Integrated search- Powerful extension framework- Large extension repository- ...
  14. Postaci Webmail
    3504 total visits
    Postaci Webmail is an Open Source PHP IMAP/POP3 email client features for simple and easy to use. It supports SMTP authentication. It can handle both protocols, and the defaul protocol can be changed from a single configuration file. Postaci is platform independent. It can work on any operating system which supports PHP. This PHP webmail is also database independent. It ...
  15. No Screenshot
    2453 total visits
    Shadows Rising is a browser based RPG written in PHP, Javascript, and XHTML. MySQL/PostgreSQL supported. The core engine will allow users create unique RPGs by adding new items, classes, terrain maps to Game Modules.
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