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  1. Bolt
    387 total visits
    Bolt is a state of the art CMS for PHP environments. It is a content management system developed on top of the Silex PHP framework. The CMS targets developers and designers alike, offering a super easy to use infrastructure for building modern websites. Features of Bolt:- Admin panel- Easy to install- Multi-user management- User groups- Manage pages- WYSIWYG editing- Blog- ...
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    96 total visits
    Archetype is an MVChttp://www.phpkode.com/site/ framework for PHP. It created especially for developing Web applications, Archetype has a simple, yet flexible architecture for easy app development and deployment. The framework comes with lots of instructions and an automatic installer. Requirements:- PHP 5.1 or Higher- mod_rewrite enabled, or something similar
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    107 total visits
    ASCore is a framework for developing PHP-based applications. It was developed out of the need of cutting development costs and time by having a base tool from which new apps can be built with ease, but without being too specific or with a narrowed activity scope. ASCore was developed back in 2007 and allows developers to create any kind of ...
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    891 total visits
    PHP-Minesweeper is an object-oriented PHP implementation of the game Minesweeper. This minesweeper implementation is fully unit tested. Because of its OOP nature, it's easy to add custom squares instead of mines. I hope anyone finds it useful.
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    723 total visits
    CcMail is a powerful PHP mailing list manager. It doesn't require any database installed nor advanced programming language knowledge. CcMail works as any classic email client. Features of CcMail:- Users groups- Easy installer- Users can subscribe- Users can unsubscribe- Edit subscriptions- Administrator panel- Manage users- Classic email work pattern- Send HTML emails- WYSIWYG editor- Privacy settings- Import users to a ...
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    147 total visits
    Silex is a PHP micro-framework based on Symfony2 components. Inspired by Ruby's Sinatra, it's built using Symfony2 and Pimple. Features of Silex:- Silex exposes an intuitive and concise API that is fun to use.- It has an extension system based around Pimple.- Silex uses Symfony2's HttpKernel.- Respects the HTTP specification and encourages its proper use. Built-in Extensions:- Doctrine- Monolog- Session- ...
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    153 total visits
    litephp is a lightweight PHP MVC framework, which can be used in developing small to medium PHP-based apps and websites. It provides a set of tools that work out of the box, for using when developing in PHP. Features of litephp:- Easy database interfacing- Error handling- Config-based- Templated output- URL parameters handling- Quickly instantiated- Form input validation support
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    253 total visits
    Monstra CMS is a top of the line flat-file CMS written in PHP. Monstra is a content management system (CMS) written for server environments where a database is just too much to handle and/or is inaccessible. The system stores site data as XML making it fast as well simple to install. It can be used (and is recommended) for small ...
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    222 total visits
    ContentCMS is a minimal PHP content management system. It is different from all the other CMSs because it does not come as a fully blown one-CMS to rule them all product. Its main purpose is to provide CMS functionality to existing website installations, by providing an interface for managing existing content. Features of ContentCMS:- Templating engine- OOP-based code- Admin interface- ...
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    127 total visits
    ezStats Serverviewer is a PHP-based server statistics script for Battlefield 3 gamers. ezStats Serverviewer can be used to track player statistics by server instead of user account. Install, add BF3 servers and keep track of everybody's performances on that specific server. ezStats Serverviewer is an extension to ezStats, a leaderboard system available for the following games:Battlefield 3Battlefield Bad Company 2Medal ...
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    500 total visits
    Lead Follow-Up Database is a free Lead Follow-Up PHP script. The script allows your sales staffs to enter sales leads in a database (MySQL) and set the date of a follow-up notification email for each sales lead. The script will email to a staff to remind him of the follow-up on the date he specified in the database. A staff ...
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    108 total visits
    Apache log4php is a Logging framework for PHP, a part of the Apache Logging Services. It is still a part of the Apache Incubator, but offers reliable services. Features of Apache log4php:- Configuration through xml and properties file (same structure as log4j).- File, RollingFile, DailyFile, Echo, Console, Mail, PDO, PHP error, Syslog or NT events and Socket appenders.- Simple, TTCC, ...
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    211 total visits
    chillyCMS is a CMS which allows every person with programming skills to build his own website. An administrative interface is provided, along with modules and themes for the user to choose from. chillyCMS can be used for powering simple blogging platforms, or for more complex static sites. Features of chillyCMS:- WYSIWYG content editing- Manage users- Manage user groups- Manage permissions- ...
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    231 total visits
    Expanse CMS is a simple, lightweight content management system. It is written in PHP and MySQL, Expanse CMS allows simple users to quickly get their site running within minutes. While not the most complete all-around CMS, Expanse is just perfect for running your small to medium Web projects without a glitch. Features of Expanse CMS:- Easy installation script- Themes- Plugins- ...
  15. Sticks Microframework
    139 total visits
    Sticks Microframework is a simplistic semi-MVC PHP framework. It's semi-MVC because it implements MVC principles of splitting application logic from presentation code, but does not actually use a model-view-controller pattern. For organizing the code, Sticks keeps the base template and scripts the same. The same Sticks principles are also found in Tessera.
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