ZFeeder 1.6


ZFeeder is a simple and customizable PHP feedreader/aggregator to integrate news from others RSS syndication pages on your website, intranet, desktop or WAP (wml) site. It can be integrated into any CMS or weblog management systems easily. This free PHP project can be used to display other's content on your site, your intranet or your desktop. It is also know as an RSS aggregator or feed reader to parse RSS(or RDF or backend) files (xml files) and to show content formatted.

Currently, ZFeeder supports all versions of RSS (0.9, 0.9x, 1.0 and 2.0) and is template driven. It outputs wml files to implement WAP sites (for mobile devices).

Features of ZFeeder:
- simple to include on any php page
- uses only flat-text-files, and works without SQL database
- simple to install and configure
- remote RSS files are cached for better performance and to prevent IP banning from certain sites which has protection for their RSS files
- you can configure it to show what RSS remote file you want
- stores feed configuration in OPML file for easy exporting to other aggregators
- supports importing subscriptions from other aggregators
- supports autodiscovery of feeds (thanks to Keith Devens)
- bookmarklet for browser to easy add a site to your page while you browse the net
- administration panel for easy configure of subscriptions
- template driven so that you can make your own appearance of the content
- supports CSS templates
- recognizing RSS versions 0.9, 0.9x, 1.0, 2.0 (does not validate them though)
- online/offline refreshing of feeds via browser or cron
- multiple categories (subscriptions files)
- WAP (wml) output

What's New in This Release Version 1.6 ZFeeder:
- fixed bug when deleting feeds from subscriptions panel,
- added WAP (wml) support,
- added PHP sessions admin panel login,
- added user agent,
- added support for content:encoded items

- PHP 4.2.0 or Higher

License type: GNU General Public License
Date added: 5 years, 5 months 12 days ago | Last updated: 5 years, 3 months 24 days ago

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