Zenario 7.0.2


Zenario is a web-based content management system. It can be used for simple sites, with many "wysiwyg" features, but is really designed to run extranet sites, such as customer portals. It also has multi-lingual features built in from the core.

Main features:
- free and completely open source code written in PHP
- WYSIWYG tools for arranging page layouts and editing content
- version-controlled content, allowing pages to be previewed and a history to be stored
- intuitive tools for managing site navigation
- support for blogs, news items, events, and other content types (developers can create their own content types)
- ability to create micro-sites
- extranet user and contact management; full set of user-side extranet features (login, register etc.)
- powerful Forms feature, with which data can be captured and then emailed or merged with a user's data
- document management through a familiar folder-like hierarchy, powerful tagging features
- Datasets, with which you can easily add fields to many types of data (Users/contacts, Documents, Countries etc.)
- Gridmaker tool for creating responsive or fixed-width designs using a grid-based design
- ability to re-brand administrator interface
- search-engine optimised URLs and other SEO assistance

For multi-lingual sites there is:
- UTF-8 support throughout, for all human language character sets
- pages are maintained in translation chains for easy management
- ability to export pages, translate externally (a professional translator, Google Translator Toolkit, SDL/Trados, etc.) and then re-import
- all text snippets of a site can be translated via a centralised phrases database

There are also add-on modules to support:
- Locations (physical places) and optionally Companies
- Relating Users with Locations via a Role
- Organization-type structures, e.g. a hierarchy of Users

For sysadmins, Zenario allows you to do a single installation of the software package and run any number of client sites from it. This makes for rapid or even automated deployment, and easy upgrades. New Zenario core software and modules come with database updates in the package for easy upgrading.

System Requirements:
To run Zenario you will need a web server/hosted account with the following:
- Apache Server version 2
- PHP version 5.3 or later
- MySQL version 5.0 or later
- The GD, libCurl, libJPEG and libPNG libraries, and multibyte support in PHP
- Apache mod_rewrite support for .htaccess files (recommended)

License type: BSD
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