WebServer Sentry 103

WebServer Sentry

WebServer Sentry allows monitoring of clients making requests of your web server.

It has trigger points which you set that causes a change in colour if clients trend too high and the IP address is blocked. Code injection is detected and IP is also.

- Block SQL, Code Injection and Denial of Service attacks.
- Monitor requests made of your Web Server.
- Detect new Bots
- Monitor Traffic Trends of your Web Server in report and graph form.
- Calculates Standard Deviation and ZSCORE of your visiting Web Clients
- Pro-actively monitor your dedicated Web Server in real time.
- Manually block any ip address.
- Scan your web server for open ports.
- Standard Deviation report and graph of ip address visiting your site.
- Set trigger points for Webserver Sentry - Colour changes dependant on amount of client visits.
- Autoblock ip addresses that trend too high from real traffic for your web server
- Auto code injection detection and blocking

License type: GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3)
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