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WebJaxe is a free PHP CMS(Content Management System), to create websites with a web user interface. It works with PHP on server side, and with a Java applet on client side to edit the contents. The editor is based on Jaxe, an XML editor working as a desktop application.

WebJaxe can be used to edit XML documents in any XML language, with a configuration file. It is distributed with a configuration for the XPAGES XML language, a simple language designed to easily create web pages by separating content editing from the choice of a graphical interface. XPAGES is adapted to the creation of online courses, documentations, or in general websites with static content. This website, for instance, was created with XPAGES.

WebJaxe works in two separate steps:
- Edition of the XML files with Jaxe. When editing files with an XML language like XPAGE (included with WebJaxe), it is easy to focus on the content (the meaning of the text), without worrying about the way it will be displayed. This can be disconcerting at the beginning, but a lot of time can be saved eventually.
- Transformation into a website. This transformation is done in one click, and automatically generates a website ready to be used, with navigation, a summary, links, etc... It is possible with XPAGES to choose a "skin" for the website, which makes it very easy to change the presentation without touching the original texts.

License type: GPL
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