WeBid 1.1.0


WeBid is a fully featured open source php auction project based on MySQL. It is especially designed for those who want to start their own auction sites. WeBid should be the prefect choice for setting up any auction site because it is written in the popular scripting language PHP and with a large collection of highly customisable features.

Key Features of WeBid:
- WeBid has an easy to use administration panel;
- A user friendly installation process, which allows you to have your own auction site set up in minutes;
- An inbuilt payment system allowing your users to easily pay fees and their purchased items with their favourite payment gateways (these include PayPal, Authorize.Net). As well as being incredibly easy to edit to your liking.

Features of WeBid:
- Fees (paypal/authorize.net gateways bult in)
- Standard/Normal Auctions
- Easily editable templates
- Multilingual

What's New in This Version:
- Fixed bug in auction setup fee where users where not charged when starting price was at limits of fee range
- Fixed the sellsimilar page where it messed up the old prices
- Fixed now 2Checkout is shown as an option on listing an item
- Fixed bug where users were only charges for one item on winning a dutch auction
- Improved look of the error messages
- Added Plupload and merged the image upload process into the sell page
- Reordered the sell template make it look a bit neater
- Fixed max autorelist limit bug
- Removed highest bidders proxy bid from yourbids page
- Reorganised auction ilsting pages
- Corrected the subtitle on the outstanding payments page
- When a user has 0 feedback it will show n/a instead of 100%
- Added wordfilter to subtitle
- Bug fixed when using " in titles/subtitle clicking make edits it will break title/subtitle
- Fixed Buyer Fee when set to a percentage
- Fixed issue where number of bids are being counter incorrectly
- Fixed gallery in editauction
- Rewrote installation complete text now more obvious what you need to do next
- Spelling mistake 'Lastest Auctions' corrected to 'Latest Auctions'
- Link to 404 page when trying to pay fee
- Fixed end auction fee for when using live payments

License type: GPL
Date added: 5 years, 5 months 9 days ago | Last updated: 2 years, 10 months 4 days ago

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