w-agora 4.2.1


W-Agora is a web publishing and forum software. It allows you and your visitors to store and display messages, files, share discussions and other information on your web site.

Features of w-agora:
- Free: w-agora is Opens In a New Window open source software, you can download, install and even freely modify the code, all free of charge >> see the license for more details
- Versatile: w-agora is one of the most customizable forum packages- Designed to be adapted to various needs, w-agora offers an evolutive solution that will meet various needs
- Easy: to install and easy to use: All you need is a simple WEB browser and 5 spare minutes in order to install- The whole interface can be edited with a simple WEB browser
- Full featured: w-agora has all the features that you expect from a today's professional forum software: full WEB based administration, users management, authentication, Online registration, email subscription and much more>> see the detailed features
- Reliable : For more than 5 years, w-agora has been used by a wide and continuously increasing number of sites in France and all over the world

License type: GPL
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