Valence Web Framework

Valence Web Framework

Valence Web Framework is based on pure-PHP templates and config files instead of vague phrases about performance and simplicity before. The directory layout in this PHP framework is strictly hierarchical, so if you see something reference in the code, you will immediately know where to find it. This system uses a single point of access of all HTTP calls, and short URLS are handled in PHP itself without the need for .htaccess files.

Features of Valence Web Framework:
- CWF does not use variables in the global namespace.
- Any method of any class that extends Module is automatically callable from the web. Output of echo statements is streamed to the user.
- There is a subsystem for automatic permission handling.
- There is an ORM layer, which uses PDO and consists of only two classes. Record handles most of the ORM work, while Link allows for object-oriented management of many-to-many relationships.

License type: BSD license
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