Ultimix 1.5.252


ultimix is a PHP framework for developing web-based applications. It can be the starting point of complex applications like CMSs, portals, ERPs, CRMs and more. It includes multilanguage support, permits management, MVC mini framework, package structure, template engine, javascript library, simple GUI library, caching system, captcha., and more.

Features of ultimix:
- Object-oriented and highly reusable code
- Event-driven programming
- Feature-rich Web components: HTML input controls, grids, trees, wizards, dialogs and meny others
- Powerfull AJAX API
- Rich documentation and strong userbase
- Exceptional performance
- Ultimix comes with a set of validators as well as numerous helper methods and widgets to simplify the task for form input and validation
- Built-in support of internationalization (I18N) and localization (L10N)
- Built-in enterprise modules user managemenet, authentification and authorization, content management, comments, reviews, blogs and others
- Wide range of supported databases - MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL, PostgreSQL. You can extend this class with your own classes.
- Separation of presentation and logic
- Configurable and pluggable modular architecture
- Full spectrum of database support
- Caching modules and selective output caching
- Cross-site script (XSS) prevention
- Skinning and theming mechanism that allows you to quickly switch the outlook of a Ultimix-power website
- Simple and effective tools help identify and solve performance issues quickly
- Ultimix provides support for writing and running unit tests as well as functionality tests, campatible with PHPUnit

What's New in This Version:
- An error in the 'user::user_markup' package was fixed.
- A set of predefined packages was fixed.
- JavaScript API was added to the 'ad::ad_banner::ad_banner_view' package.
- Performance was improved.
- CSS minification script was fixed.
- JavaScript API was extended with delete functions.
- Documentation was improved.

License type: BSD License
Date added: 5 years, 5 months 14 days ago | Last updated: 2 years, 10 months 10 days ago

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