Tribiq CMS 6.0.5

Tribiq CMS

TRIBiQ CMS is a feature rich, multilingual content management system built using PHP and MySQL. This application can be used to manage any kind of web content, starting from a simple website and to complex Intranets and Web Portals. Comes in a free, open-source version Tribiq CMS 6.0.5.

Features of TRIBiQ CMS:
- WYSIWYG editing
- Web portals
- Admin panel interfaces
- Publishing & version control
- Extranet for secure sites
- Intranet with structured security
- Navigation management
- Site adverts
- Compliant accessibility
- Advanced built-in search engine
- Built-in forums
- Multilingual websites
- Template architecture
- Multiple content types
- Managed hyperlinks
- Graphic installer
- Categories
- Multi-site support

- MySQL version 4.1 or later
- PHP version 5.2 or later (requires GD/libPNG/libJPEG for image processing; requires json)
- libCurl recommended for downloading fresh administrative and visitor phrases
- Apache mod_rewrite recommended for Search Engine friendly URLs

What's New in This Version:
- Image management; editing images, adding alt tags, title and image filenames
- Images are now stored in silos and can be shared to locate easily
- System supports multiple values for user data on extranets
- Administrator permissions have been updated
- New admin toolbar to allow content items to be attached and detached from the menu hierarchy
- Numerous modules have been improved and migrated.
- Find out more here

License type: GNU General Public License
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