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Tin Can Jukebox

Tin Can Jukebox is a very fast full featured php/mysql web jukebox that can securely stream large mp3 collections over the internet to multiple users. It aims to speed up browsing music library. To enjoy your music anytime anywhere with this PHP video project.

Features of Tin Can Jukebox:
- Browse by Artist, Alubm & Genre
- Super effecient ajax powered side tabbed browsing window combined with properly indexed mysql DB provides very fast library navigation
- Single click to play all from an artist, album or genre.
- Add albums, artists, genres or songs to a playlist with a single click. Playlists can be single use, or saved permanently.
- Playlists are dynamic so if an artist is in the playlist, new albums for this artist will automatically be included too.
- Full user access control.
- Automatic dynamic downsampling allows mulitple users to share limited server upstream pipe without rebuffering.
- Language packs are user selectable (although not too many have been translated yet:)
- Preferences allow per user customization.
- Site admin can set user preference defaults and configure site-wide configuration settings thru the web interface.
- Automatic update notification when site admin logs in.
- System statistics page.
- Several 'browse by random album' modes (random from; recently played, never played, played often...)
- 'Now playing's window shows all recently played songs along with album art, dynamically updated to show how long ago it was started.
- Search by artist,album or song.
- Programming 100% fueled by environmentally friendly beer.

License type: GNU General Public License
Date added: 5 years, 5 months 9 days ago | Last updated: 5 years, 3 months 13 days ago

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