The PHP JPEG Metadata Toolkit 1.11

The PHP JPEG Metadata Toolkit

The PHP JPEG Metadata Toolkit is free and Open Source PHP Project designed to allow manipulation of many types of metadata that reside in a JPEG image file. Five types of metadata that can be accessed by this project:
- EXIF, DCF & TIFF/EP including makernotes: Contains Digital Camera Settings. Can contain a thumbnail.
- XMP, RDF & Dublin Core, including multiple language support: Can contain Digital camera settings and text headings/captions.
- Photoshop IRB & IPTC-NAA IIM: Contains Photoshop settings and can contain text headings/captions. Can contain a thumbnail.
- Picture Info: Contains Digital Camera Settings for older cameras.
- JFIF & JFIF Extension: Contains limited info about the image and can contain a thumbnail.
- Intrinsic JPEG Values: Contains limited info configuration of the image

Features of The PHP JPEG Metadata Toolkit:
- Has been tested with over 450 popular digital cameras
- Provides access to lots of metadata for which php has no built in support
- Works with many files that have corrupted metadata.
- Customisable look of the HTML output via style sheets

- PHP 4.0 or Higher

License type: GPL
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